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5 Lovely To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Memes


He So Would

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“Look, girl I’ve clearly had a thing for for a minute, it’s nice of you, and I’m super single, but I’m NEVER gonna catch feelings. PS, you wanna fake date? I’m a jock so I’ve never read fanfiction.” I mean, it’s sort of clear that the second they start fake dating, he’s just done, like, oh, she’s actually amazing. It was either the best or worst idea he’s ever had.


Great Plan

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Isn’t this just cannon? I mean, it’s not an insurance scam, but he does claim he wants his ex to take him back. He doesn’t say he wants to fall in love with her for real, but the way he looks at her, even when he’s rejecting her, is incredible. He writes actually nice notes in stead of just fake ones!



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I think this is absolutely right, accept for Kitty. Listen to me. Of course Peter wants McDonalds. Of course Lara Jean is the same but just a touch more practical. But Kitty? Kitty likes foreign foods. She’s also stone cold. She’d be like, “McDonalds? Why?” Now I really wanna see this scene in the sequel.


Classic Yogurt Sadness

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Well, if she doesn’t want any yogurt, I guess he’ll just have to eat all the yogurt himself. It’s also really valid of him to drink a bunch of yogurt while sad. He could be chain smoking or something, but he’s a cinnamon roll, so he’s drunking a bunch of yogurt. Would you talk to this guy on the bus? I mean, I don’t know. I’d be interested.



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I mean. He’s just so considerate. He’s like, little sister with big dick energy? I respect it. Does the right thing as much as he can after the video. Goes wildly out of his way to buy yogurt she likes. But the popcorn. God, the popcorn. He’s like, yes, wildly adorable pillow fight. Let’s do this. But I don’t want to make a mess for my mom, and Lara Jean might want popcorn later. What a good egg.


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