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Elon Musk’s Lab Working on Robot Writers!

Artificial Intelligence is a controversial subject. With technology advancing so rapidly, many fear that all the science-fiction stories about robots taking over the world may actually come true. And that debate doesn’t look like it will end with this newest development.


GPT-2 is one of the latest AI creations from OpenAI, a nonprofit lab backed by Elon Musk. It is a machine that could generate synthetic text samples and perform simple language tasks like answering questions and basic reading comprehension.


The project was announced in February and is still in development. OpenAI has stated that they are afraid to release the machine out to the public out of fear of the implications it could have, though they are willing to give researchers a smaller version to experiment with.


A reporter from The Guardian was able to observe the AI in action. When it was given the first line from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the machine began writing, albeit in a rambling version of Orwell’s style. The same thing occurred with other famous novels as well, so the AI still needs some work.


Still, the idea of a robot able to write is profound. Will we soon be reading books from robot authors?


You can read more about OpenAI’s machine here.



Featured Image Via Techworld