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‘Matilda’ Illustrator Imagines Roald Dahl’s Heroine at 30!

Ever wonder what your favorite telekinetic heroine would be like grown up? Well, Quentin Blake, illustrator of the original Roald Dahl classic has blessed us with an interesting depiction of Matilda at thirty!



Image via The Guardian


To mark thirty years since the initial release of the book, a collector’s edition of Matilda, with illustrations of the heroine as a world traveler, astrophysicist and chief executive of the British Library, will be published by Penguin Random House. This genius has sold over 17 million copies worldwide and in the past two years sales have spiked and she has become Dahl’s most successful novel!


This strong female character is truly inspirational for all children.. Carmen McCullough, Roald Dahl’s editor for Matildasaid:


We’ve seen a real movement towards more feminist publishing recently. Parents are more keen than ever to present aspirational female characters to their young children – both boys and girls – and that is what’s helping Matilda stand out, because she’s a wonderful example. She has such belief in herself and is every bit as relevant and inspirational to children and adults today as she was thirty years ago.




Image via St. Louis Post Dispatch 


With the overall success of the musical adaption of the novel has called for more family fun! The Matilda musical has won four Tony Awards and many other awards including the Helpmann and New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards, just to name a few! 


Eighty-five-year-old illustrator, Quentin Blake said he enjoyed going back and reimagining the beloved character. In an interview with The Guardian,Blake said he felt it was best to really think about what he thought Matilda would be doing while utilizing all her talents from her childhood. He expressed that since Matilda read so many books as a child it only made sense to be an chief executive of British Library and due her telepathic powers he thought it would be ideal to apply the skill through science and because she reads so many books about almost everything the world has to offer, why not experience it for herself! I think Blake hit right on the nose! I couldn’t imagine Matilda any other way? What careers do think Matilda would be up to?    



Image via The Guardian




Feature Image Via The Guardian