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Sorting Hat: Riverdale Edition

The Sorting Hat is very wise, and knows exactly where to place first years. He even takes requests into account, considering he was going to put Harry in Slytherin, but due to Harry’s insistence, placed him in Gryffindor. In the words of Albus Dumbledore, “It is our choices that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities”. So, I decided it would be fun to sort the Riverdale characters into Hogwarts houses. The characters are a very unique, and I am curious to see which houses they would be sorted into. Major spoilers ahead!

  1. Cheryl Blossom

Image via Decider

Cheryl Blossom is the HBIC, and she’s not afraid to let anyone know it. However, despite her queen bee status, Cheryl does have a softer side, considering her close relationship with her late twin brother Jason. His death really crushed her to the point of attempted suicide. Then, she showed us an even softer side when she revealed her crush on an old friend, and Southside Serpent, Toni Topaz. Cheryl was even a Serpent for a bit, and then she started her own gang for Toni when they were kicked out, called the Pretty Poisons. So, Cheryl is a bit hard to place, she is good but also rules the school with an iron fist if things don’t go her way, so I believe Cheryl belongs in Slytherin!


2. Toni Topaz

Image via Comicbook

Toni Topaz was a force to be reckoned with when she appeared on our screens in season 2. She started off as a Southside serpent, and befriended Jughead when he attended Southside High. Toni even posed a threat to Jughead and Betty’s relationship for a bit, but then she revealed she was really into girls, and set her eyes on Cheryl. She saw through her tough exterior and got Cheryl to open up to her and the two have been in love ever since. Unfortunately, since season 2, Toni hasn’t had much of a storyline, her on screen time consists of her being with Cheryl, and sometimes helping her out of situations. However, Toni is still a major force and isn’t afraid to put anyone in their place. So, due to her bravery, I believe Toni belongs in Gryffindor.


3. Jughead Jones

Image via FilmDaily

Jughead Jones is the writer of Riverdale and the King of the Southside Serpents. He does everything he can to protect his family and friends. He and his girlfriend, Betty, are also good at putting their detective skills to good use in solving the crimes that take over the town. Jughead’s sleuthing skills and overall intelligence landed him a spot at Stonewall Prep, which also led to him faking his death to put an end to all the wrong doings at the school and to put his classmates in their place. Jughead’s intelligence is what helps him solve all the mysteries in town and helped him figure out the mystery of Stonewall Prep, so I believe he belongs in Ravenclaw!


4. Betty Cooper

Image via DigitalSpy

Betty Cooper is a very interesting character. She starts the show as the sweet girl next door that has a crush on her best friend, Archie. Then, she befriends Veronica Lodge, and starts to date Jughead, as they dig into the mystery surrounding Jason’s death. As the show progresses, Betty becomes very strong willed and determined to right all of the town’s wrongs , especially when she cracks the case of the black hood and learns her father is the one behind the mask. She then begins to question her own mind and does everything she can to not be like her father. However, it doesn’t help when her mom sends her to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy or joins a cult, and she does her best to save her mom, sister, and her friends from the hands of Edgar Evernever. More recently, she helped Jughead solve the mystery of Stonewall Prep, and Betty is just another force to be reckoned with. She is the town detective and I don’t think she gets any sleep. So, due to her bravery and nonstop ability to right wrongs, I believe Betty belongs in Gryffindor!


5. Veronica Lodge

Image via Popbuzz

Veronica Lodge strutted into Riverdale season one as the new girl in town. She quickly befriended Betty and gave Cheryl a run for her money as HBIC, but Veronica has bigger things to conquer than the school hallways, like her father, Hiram Lodge. The battle for power in the Lodge family is never ending and Veronica is not backing down from her father.  She is doing everything she can to make a name for herself and prove to her dad that she doesn’t need him. It doesn’t help that Hiram framed her boyfriend, Archie, for murder and did a lot of other shady things in Riverdale. However, Veronica does get her business skills from her dad, at just seventeen she owns a speakeasy and has her own brand of rum. Her father tries to sabotage her businesses, of course, but Veronica doesn’t back down easily. So, I believe Veronica belongs in Slytherin!


6. Archie Andrews

Image via HollywoodReporter

Archie Andrews has changed a lot since the first season. In the beginning, Archie’s main focus was music and his secret affair with a teacher. Then, in season two, he became Hiram Lodge’s main target, considering he was dating his daughter Veronica. He was framed for murder, and in season three he went to jail for a bit until he was broken out. Ever since his time in jail, Archie’s main focus has been boxing, and doing the right thing for youth in his community. After his father’s death, Archie has also been focusing on keeping his dad’s legacy alive and doing what’s best for the community. He even moonlights as a masked superhero to help people in need and to put a stop to bullies and drug dealers. Archie tends to lead with his instinct and his fist, instead of logic and reason sometimes. So, I believe he belongs in Gryffindor!


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‘Fantastic Beasts’ 3 Stops Due to Coronavirus

There have been so many television shows and movies that have stopped production due to the Coronavirus and the latest movie in the Harry Potter franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 3 is the latest one to suspend filming, to stop the spread of COVID-19.

If only there was a spell to make this pandemic go away!

image via comingsoon

Filming was supposed to begin this past Monday in the UK. However, Warner Bros. has decided to halt production. At this time there is no information as to when Fantastic Beasts 3 will start filming again.

There is also no news on if the release date will change either. It all has to fit around the actors schedules. The same cast will reprise their roles for the third movie which includes Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston and Dan Fogler.

image via deadline

The film is not the first to stall production due to the current pandemic, with everything from Batman to Riverdale halting filming. With Broadway gone dark and Daniel Radcliffe’s London performance cut short, COVID-19 has truly wreaked havoc on the industry this month.

In times like these it is important to remember to stay healthy, enjoy time with your family, while also being thoughtful of anyone else around you who might need help.

featured image upi.com 

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Private School Problems: ‘Riverdale’ Recap

So I know I have been complaining about the lack of ensemble scenes we have gotten so far in this season of Riverdale. This has been rectified slightly…even if it is not in the way that I would have wanted. We have a wonderful Thanksgiving night dinner at Pop’s featuring all of the parents (except Molly Ringwald because she is busy saving Archie’s life- more on that later). We get a lot of Falice (FP and Alice) content in this episode, which I am not mad at except that it could possibly hinder Jughead and Betty’s relationships, which is not ideal. In another amazing moment, FP almost murders Hiram with a broken bottle after Hiram ordered FP to close down Archie’s community center. Oh yeah, Hiram is the mayor now. That happened fast. The only resolution from this little parent soiree was FP realizing that he can be both a gang leader and the sheriff of a town. The best of both worlds, if you will. 



While their parents were getting it on, ironically so were their children. Betty visits Jughead at Stonewall Prep making for some much deserved Bughead content. They plan to spend the weekend doing what they do best—kissing and solving murders. Jughead wonders whether Mr. Chipping actually killed himself or was coerced to do so by an outside force. He finds evidence of Mr. DuPont and Mr. Chipping belonging to the same secret society. As with most secret societies, secrets are shared and could potentially be used as blackmail. In Jughead’s mind, this could lead to DuPont blackmailing Chipping enough to cause him to commit suicide. 


Image result for riverdale season 4 episode 7

Image via TVLine


While the two sleuth around the supposedly empty school, someone approaches Jughead in a bunny mask holding an axe, and because Betty and Jughead are seasoned in serial killers dressed in strange costumes, Betty does the rational thing and hits the bunny with a gold club. It turns out to be Brett and Donna (shocking, I know) and Jughead becomes determined to find out if they had anything to do with Mr. Chipping’s murder suicide. Jughead notices a suicide note fall out of Brett’s pocket, but he brushes it off as some kind of “secret assignment.” The gang plays never have I ever as a way to find some answers. All we learn is that Betty is a badass and we are reminded of that legendary scene where Betty and Veronica kiss. Betty has to sneak around Donna’s room to find any clues and ends up finding Mr. Chipping’s pin. In a frenzy of emotion, Donna reveals that she was having an affair with the teacher, so that complicates things.

This saga ends with Donna telling the headmaster that Mr. Chipping had pressured and harassed her and his guilty conscience led to his death. Oh, and someone places a camera in Betty and Jughead’s room as they get it on during the night. Contrary to popular belief, I had nothing to do with this, but it does make me nervous about the prospect of a sex tape plot because I am not sure I can handle that.


Image result for riverdale season 4 episode 7

Image via Den of Geek


After Dodger’s near death incident, his family start to target Archie and show up to the community center on Thanksgiving night to wreak havoc. And wreak havoc they do. They pull a gun on him and all the kids gathered there for a free, hot meal. Luckily, Molly Ringwald saves the day (as always) and surprisingly, Veronica helps. The group copes with their first Thanksgiving without Fred and honors him with a plague on the community center walls, which Archie refuses to shut down for good reasons. 



After murdering her girlfriend’s uncle, Toni and Cheryl have to devise a plan to stop their lurking Aunt Cricket from finding out the truth while they dispose of the body. To do this, they tell the legend of cannibalism in the Blossom family at the Thanksgiving table and insinuate that they too participate in the ritual, claiming the meat pies they serve are garnished with Uncle Bedford’s insides. It succeeds in freaking out her family members, who should be familiar with the strangeness of the Blossoms by now. Either way, the girls complete their mission and can spend a relaxing weekend at home. For now at least. 


Image result for riverdale season 4 episode 7

Image via TV Fanatic


Of course, the last thirty seconds of this episode shows all the characters together—something I have been wishing for all along. It is also our only glimpse at Kevin for the whole episode, which is sinful. I would guess that Jughead’s teacher drama has not reached its climax yet, but any excuse for Betty and Jughead to work together is good with me. No ominous Jughead death scene this time around, which may be a good sign. Next week promises all of the characters talking to a therapist—something very, very long overdue. Hopefully, after that we can get some wholesome senior year normal student content. It’s a long shot, I know. 

No Riverdale next week means a much needed breather from the chaos and some time to develop theories and escape from the confusion and stress that this show causes.


Featured Image via TVLine

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