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‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Will Kick off with Tribute to Luke Perry

Riverdale fans, prepare a box of Kleenex for the upcoming season of the teenage crime drama: the first episode is entitled “In Memoriam.”

Based on the Archie comics, hit TV adaptation Riverdale will honor actor Luke Perry, who sadly passed away in early March of this year. The loss has devastated those who knew Perry personally and who worked with him. Fans are sure to miss his presence on the show, and the acknowledgement of his loss is sure to be as emotionally cathartic as it is difficult.


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Luke Perry has been with the show since the very beginning, bringing to life the character Fred Andrews, Archie Andrews’ father. A lovable character and person, Perry created a gentle and earnest yet also stern father to bring out powerful and enjoyable moments from KJ Apa, who plays Archie. Luke Perry was the perfect man for the role, bringing his passion and talent of acting, as well as his own natural charm, to the show. The acclaimed actor is missed by his Riverdale family. At least now we can have one last goodbye.




Showrunner and writer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa shared the announcement of the special episode in tribute via Twitter, telling viewers that they’re “thankful for the opportunity to honor Luke and Fred.”




According to Deadline News, the episode will be kicking off Season 4 Wednesday October 9th at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the CW.






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Six More Cast Members Confirmed for ‘Looking For Alaska’

Hulu announced the addition of six more cast members for its upcoming screen adaptation of John Green’s YA bestseller, Looking For Alaska. Set to be an eight-episode miniseries starring Kristine Froseth as Alaska and Charlie Plummer as Miles, Looking For Alaska’s talent lineup will now expand to include Denny Love as The Colonel, or Chip Martin, an outspoken anti-jock who befriends Miles and Alaska),


Cast of Looking for Alaska
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Landry Bender will play The Colonel’s girlfriend, Sara, Jay Lee will portray Takumi, Sofia Vassilieva will feature as Lara, and Uriah Shelton and Jordan Connor will play Longwell and Kevin, respectively, two classic goony jocks out to ruin the lives of Miles and his friends. You might recognize Connor from his role as Sweet Pea on The CW’s Riverdale and Love from Chicago P.D. and Empire.


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Archie Comics

Archie Comics Get Revamped Thanks to Spotify!

It was only recently that I’ve become a Spotify user. And yes, I am late to the party, but what can you do? Listening to awesome playlists has been my thing, but now Spotify is promising more, especially for comic-lovers.


Archie Comics

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Although Riverdale has become a hit TV adaptation of the Archie Comics, the sales for the actual printed books haven’t shown as much success lately. Now, Archie Comics have a brand new plan and we’re loving the idea. According to Entertainment Weekly, the publisher is pairing up with Spotify in order to create their original comics with motion and sound tailored into the panels. There will be movement, music, and even actors giving a voice to each character.


Archie Comics

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The first few episodes will bring to life the first six issues and ongoing comics. The writer and artists will translate them and group them on a playlist called “Spotlight: Archie- The New Riverdale”. Publisher and CEO of Archie Comics, Jon Goldwater, explains his feelings towards the new project:


“Archie has always been about trying to find new ways to get comics to fans and readers… And when the opportunity to work with Spotify arose, it was a perfect match. Being able to reposition these modern classics for new readers in this unique, motion comic format makes perfect sense and we can’t wait for fans to experience these beloved Archie stories in a new way.”


We’ll have to wait and see how the fans react to this new way of reading the classic comics. It may only be a one time deal, but so far it sounds great. DC Comics is also doing something similar by giving readers the ability to scroll through panels on their phone. Even if it’s through technology, this might get comics back in readers’ hands.



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Scholastic Publishing Original, Brand New ‘Riverdale’ Books

CW’s hit series Riverdale, which just wrapped up its second season, is getting both companion and original books from Scholastic, by the fall of this year! Riverdale Student Handbook and Riverdale: The Day Before – The Prequel Novel will both follow all the same characters and plot points as the television show, but will be expanding the world. 



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The Riverdale Student Handbook will dive into Riverdale and “everything you really need to know about surviving Riverdale High”. It’s set to hit shelves August 28, 2018. 



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A bit later in the year, Scholastic will release Riverdale: The Day Before – The Prequel Novel, an original work telling the story of “life in Riverdale before audiences joined the story at the start of season 1.” Written by Micol Ostow, the prequel will be told from multiple points of view, with the characters telling their own stories. 



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The Riverdale Student Handbook is set to be published August 28 of this year, available for preorder now.


Riverdale: The Day Before is being published December 26, 2018 and is also available for preorder now. 


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