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Christian Siriano’s New Book Is All About the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

It’s interesting how certain aspects of fashion become popular. More so than what gets seen at runway shows, it’s about who ends up photographed wearing something. As an audience, we end up reading an article and reading the caption of who the celebrity of the moment is wearing. That’s why it’s considered a badge of honor for designers to have their looks worn to any major red carpet event.


Christian Siriano would love for all his work (and fashion in general) to be appreciated for the art that it is, regardless of who wears it. It was for this reason that he wrote Dresses to Dream About.


Dresses to Dream About

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He told Glamour that the reason his book exists is so that, “people see beautiful things for what they are.” Fans first met Siriano when he won season four of the show Project Runway. Victoria Beckham was a judge that season and quickly became one of Siriano’s many celebrity clients. He’s since scooped up many famous clients including Rihanna, Shailene Woodley, and Taylor Swift. He also very famously dressed Leslie Jones for the premiere of the Ghostbusters reboot when many other designers refused to.


In his book, Siriano was sure to include some of his favorite designs, not just the one’s we’ve already seen photographed. Christian Siriano has a high-end label and a unique eye. There’s no doubt that his book is extremely cool to look at. You can order Dresses to Dream About here!


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