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Pottermore Accidentally Dissed Lupin and Fans Were NOT Happy

Last Tuesday, Pottermore posted a tweet claiming that all of Harry Potter’s Defense Against the Dark Arts professors were problematic, and  let’s just say that Potter fans on Twitter were….not too pleased about the tweet.



The Potterheads of Twitter replied furiously, defending Remus Lupin, one of the most honorable characters in the Potterverse, and a teacher who once held the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Many Potter fans argued Lupin has been through and sacrificed enough that he shouldn’t be seen as “problematic.”  I always felt Lupin was the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor  because of all the lessons he taught Harry in the classroom and while Harry was fighting against dark forces. He was the closest connection to Harry’s parents after Sirius and it is understandable why fans felt a little upset.


According to Bustle, fans tried to remind Pottermore of how even though some see Rowling’s version of lycanthropy as being based on HIV/AIDS, and the treatment of this situation as being very problematic (this is just a theory, please do not shoot the messenger) even if this is the case, it does not mean that Lupin himself was problematic. 


Here are some other witty tweets from fans to show how much Pottermore missed the mark. 



two words:




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Via Giphy


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