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Nonfiction New Releases To Add To Your TBR – November 2020

You will find on this list a few names you might recognize, a few you might not, but all great stories and lessons from first-hand experiences ...

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Live Action ‘Mulan’ Gets Pushed Back Again

In the midst of this pandemic, a lot of movies were pushed back. The disney re-make of Mulan, was supposed to be released back in March, but then the world was put under quarantine, and it was pushed to July, but with COVID-19 still around, the movie has now been pushed back yet again until August.

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The classic animated movie is well loved amongst Disney fans, so everyone is waiting on edge to see the live action verision of the film. According to co-chairman and chief creative officer at Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn, he states that the pandemic has not changed the message of the movie, which is about hope and perserverance. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you don’t know that it’s about a young chinese women who goes to war in her father’s place, undercover as a man because she wants to prove who she really is and not who her family wants her to be. It’s a powerful movie with a power ballad, Reflection, that sets the tone for the movie. Horn, also states that they will continue to make accomendations to the release as the conditions require.

Alan Bergman, another chairman at Walt Disney studios, states that the film was meant to be on the big screen. He commended the cast and director Niki Caro for creating an epic film and how it’s for audiences around the globe to enjoy and experience together.

The movie is going to be epic, and Mulan is such an inspiring character, and definitely one to admire. She isn’t your average Disney heroine in the slightest and she sets the bar high for girl power in the Disney universe. So, I have no doubt how amazing this film is.

You can watch the trailer here.

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Journal Your Way Through Quarantine with these 7 Guided Journals

If you need another activity to occupy yourself while in quarantine, why not try journaling? To keep things interesting, try one of these seven guided journals with different prompts to get your creative and reflective juices flowing!


1. 642 Tiny Things to Draw by Chronicle Books LLC

From the creators of 642 Things to Draw, check out 642 Tiny Things to Draw to awaken your inner illustrator! If you want to use this quarantine to try your hand at drawing and buff up your artistic skills, then this is the perfect journal for you. With 642 clever drawing prompts, you will never run out of ideas of what to draw and create. Let your imagination run wild with this journal!


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2. 52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy by Moorea Seal

If you’re someone who needs to make lists in order to function, then try out 52 Lists for Happiness to bring the positive vibes during this time of quarantine. The perfect tool for list lovers, this journal will help you to reflect and bring balance to your life in these uncertain times. With fifty-two list prompts, this journal will have you discovering your own unique happiness while adjusting to this new normal.


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3. Breathe Self-Care Journal by Breathe Magazine

Quarantine is the perfect time to cultivate a self-care routine and Breathe Self-Care Journal is the perfect way to get started! With a collection of Breathe articles and easy, reflective exercises, this journal will help you slow down, cultivate new rituals, and craft a better state of mind. You’ll come out of this quarantine with a new outlook on self-care!


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4. A.M. + P.M Guided Journal by Lady Jayne

If you want to start and end your day with a little reflection, then check out A.M. + P.M. Guided Journal. This guided journal features four alternating spread designs with different prompts and exercises to help you write and reflect. This is the perfect way to start journaling during this quarantine!


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5. One Question a Day for You and Me: Daily Reflections for Couples: A Three-Year Journal by Aimee Chase

If you are currently quarantined with your partner, then now is the perfect time for both of you to start One Question a Day for You and Me: Daily Reflections for Couples. By answering the same questions every day for three years, you can watch as your relationship evolves right before your own eyes. This is a great way to strengthen your relationship between you and your partner and a beautiful keepsake to look back on one day when life goes back to normal!


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6. A Daily Dose of Gratitude Journal by Peter Pauper Press, Incorporated

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to practice a little gratitude. A Daily Dose of Gratitude Journal will help you recognize the little things you have to be grateful for each and every day, even in the middle of a global pandemic. With uplifting quotes throughout, this journal will help you to stay positive and be grateful during this uncertain time.


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7. My Bucket List Journal by Peter Pauper Press, Incorporated

Now is the perfect time to get started on your bucket list! My Bucket List Journal has a main section dedicated to trips and experiences and a smaller section devoted to books, movies, things to learn, and more! While in quarantine, start checking off those movies you always wanted to watch and those books you wanted to read, while you begin to plan your bucket list trips and experiences for once we can come out of quarantine!


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