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Real-Life Tony Stark, Elon Musk, Is Apparently a Harry Potter Nerd

Inventor and business mogul Elon Musk treated tech junkies and Tesla fans to a SpaceX chat on Reddit this past Saturday, October 14th.


SpaceX is just another thing that Musk has founded. It’s goal is to reduce the cost of space travel and eventually create a colony on Mars. Knowing the engineering focus and background, it’s surprising that Musk’s Reddit chat had an amusing pop-culture twist. When a fan inquired about the heat source that would be used on the SpaceX Raptor engine, Musk replied that he planned to use the incendio spell from Harry Potter. He even included the wiki-link in the thread! Any Harry Potter fan knows that this spell is used to make fire.


Not to worry though, the South African engineer did follow up with a serious answer. He definitely didn’t become the tech titan that he is by using spells. (Or did he?) Another thread of chat also found Mr. Musk referencing kids pop culture. According to CNBC, when a redditor declared that it wasn’t possible to land on the moon using a certain engine, Musk responded, “Yes you can- Bob the Builder.” Interesting. I could have sworn that Dora the Explorer said it first. Who knew that Elon Musk was a Harry Potter fan! But I suppose when you’re a billionaire, you can make time for pleasure reading. Musk has had a total of 6 children, so he may not have earned all these cool points on his own. Regardless, there’s no doubt that now he has possibly expanded his following to include book nerds.



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John Green

John Green Brings Couples Together in Books and IRL!

Last week, John Green did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on reddit, and, naturally, loyal fans asked a bunch of questions. Green answered humbly and efficiently because he is amazing.


One redditor called krschu00 sent his love, writing, “I met my girlfriend 5 years ago in Cincinnati at your book signing. I want to propose now, but don’t know how. Any advice?? See you again soon at Cinci!” What John Green did next was completely unexpected and beautiful, fitting with his nature. He offered to open the floor to the couple, Kenny and Amy, at his book signing in Cincinnati for the proposal to take place! Take a look at the thread below. 


John Green Reddit


The signing is on October 18th. We are hoping Kenny and Amy have a wonderful engagement! Stay tuned for any updates, hopefully with a video of the beautiful event! 


Be sure to check out the full thread to read about his experiences with YA literature, his writing process, and so much more! 


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Stark Flag burning at Red Wedding

Did You See a Ghost in Last Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’?

Did you see a ghost in last week’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones?’ Fans online are convinced they did. A beady-eyed Reddit user, GrennsGal, spotted what is believed to have been the ghost of one very important (albeit dead) character. 


During the scene in which Arya and Brienne of Tarth engage in a friendly duel, fans are sure that the ghost of Catelyn Stark can be seen passing in the background. 



In the scene, Arya reminds Brienne that she ‘swore to protect both [her] mother’s daughters,’ as Sansa watches them from the balcony. As the two have this discussion, just prior to their friendly battle, a spectre bearing an alarming resemblence to Catelyn can be seen walking behind them. 


Ghost of Catelyn Stark?

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In the books, an undead version of Catelyn does return. Her name is Lady Stoneheart and, The Independent notes, her “presence has been teased for multiple seasons now.”


What do you think?


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