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5 Tips for Tackling a Long Book

Long books can be extremely hard to tackle, so here are five tips to help you get through that 500 pager.


Don’t try to read it all at once

While we all love those moments when we can read for hours on end, trying that with a large book can get boring and mind-numbing. Large books, like large meals, are better in portions. That brings us to step two.


Set up a schedule

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It may sound tedious but setting a reading schedule can give you a structure for finishing your big book. Your schedule should include specific times set aside for reading as well as a page goal for the day. Stay on schedule and you’ll finish in no time!

Don’t read alone

What makes big books so daunting is knowing that you’re on your own. If you read with a buddy or a group, you have someone to talk to about the book’s events and you’ll have more incentive to keep reading. If you’re actually doing the reading.


Take notes

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We’re talking it back to class with annotations and notes! Because some books are so long, it’s hard to remember everything that’s happened along the way. Taking notes on big plot points or stuff you like can help you remember what’s going on in the story. This can also be helpful if you’re reading a series, so you don’t have to read everything all over again.


Talk about the book

While it is suggested to read with another person, talking to someone else (someone who isn’t reading the book) can also help you get through a big book. Retelling the story to a friend will help you remember what’s going on and what takes place. And if the story is good, this can also get you a new reading buddy.

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5 Tips To Help Reevaluate Your Bookish Life

Let’s face it, we’re evaluating our lives every single day, so a holiday like “Evaluate Your Life Day” is null and void. However, how often do you really evaluate your bookish life?


To live the best life as a reader that we can, here are 5 tips to help reevaluate your bookish life.



1. Start On That “To-Read” List


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As much as we love our books, some of us may not make an effort to actually read them. There’s that daunting pile of books at home, passionately waiting, desiring to be read and serve their purpose in life. Feel bad yet? Good, now start reading those poor neglected books!



2. Create A “To-Read” List


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Some of us may be procrastinating on that list of books that’s piling up, but others are simply floating along, waiting for the right book to just fall into their library. That’s not going to happen! Take action readers! Search for books that may become your all-time favorites! You can speak to friends, ask well-read booksellers, or go online⁠—websites like Goodreads can help with finding new books for you.



3. Cut Out The Books That Just Don’t Work


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As book lovers, no amount of books is too much, that is absolute. However, there are some that we take a gamble on, and reading them winds up being too much work. Granted, if you’re an English major there will be books you are unfortunately forced to read, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto them. Donate them, gift them to someone you know will love it, or even sell it⁠—the money you make from the sale can be used to buy a book you will actually love!



4. Read Something New


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Let’s say you’re a veteran among readers. You’ve read all the books, or comics, or romance novels. That can become rather boring, and if you find that none of the new books you’re reading brings you much interest, then it’s high time you shake things up! If you’re a die-hard fan of action thriller, maybe try out crime mysteries. Or if you are more into the dramatic macabre, try supernatural romance.

And to those of you who have never picked up a graphic novel, I urge you to try it! There is something poetic about the visuals of some of these amazing comics. The same can be said for any comic nerds out there, the comics were inspired by these novels, and there are things that the written art can accomplish that visuals may not.

Overall, you never know what might spark a new interested.



5. Be More Social with Your Reading


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Share a book, start a book club, there are many ways to be a more social bookworm. Don’t go it alone!



Now go out there and change your bookish life!



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