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11 Celebrity Chefs’ Review Books

Okay, we don’t know their favorite books… But if we had to guess, these are probably pretty close to what literature they would read and how they reviewed them.


We took some creative liberties in imaging just how some of our favorite celebrity chefs would review books that fit their personalities. Check out some of our favorites below:


1. Gordon Ramsay – ‘The Big Black Book of Very Dirty Words’ by Alexis Munier


A photo of Gordon Ramsay


Bookstr Imagined Review: “You wouldn’t believe how quickly you can run out of insults during your time as a chef. This helps me keep my vocabulary colorful and insults biting.”


2. Bobby Flay – ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J. R. R. Tolkien


Bobby Flay writing at a desk


Bookstr Imagined Review: “An awesome and classic hero trope. A man who was chosen as number one from the beginning. No one can defeat Frodo.”


3. Guy Fieri – ‘Denny’s Menu’ by Denny’s.


Guy Feiri gawking at camera.


Bookstr Imagined Review: “I always keep a copy of this bad boy by my side. Never know when you’re going to need to go on a last minute trip to FlavorTown.”


4. Paula Deen – ‘Butter: A Rich History’ by Elaine Khosrova


Paula Deen reading at a desk.


Bookstr Imagined Review: ‘I just love the magic of butter!’


5. Alton Brown – ‘The Big Book of Pain: Torture & Punishment Through History’ by Mark P. Donnelly


Alton Brown sitting in front of a chalkboard.


Bookstr Imagined Review: ‘It can be tricky to come up with new challenges when filming shows. This books always sparks some creative ideas.’


6. Anthony Bourdain – ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ by Hunter S. Thompson


Anthony Bourdain reading.


Bookstr Imagined Review: ‘Whenever I’m unsure of what direction I should take my life in, I always look at my ‘What Would Hunter S. Thompson Do’ bracelet.’


7. Rachel Ray – ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert


Rachel Ray signing a book.



Bookstr Imagined Review: ‘No book has changed and colored my life like this novel about this book. Just reading it makes me feel more Italian.’


8. Martha Stewart – ‘If I Did It’ by O.J. Simpson


Martha Stewart with papers.


Bookstr Imagined Review: “It just reminds me that even though I was convicted, I had the good sense not to publish it.”


9. Mario Batali – ‘Footwear Design’ by Aki Choklat


Mario Batali reading.


Bookstr Imagined Review:  “My kicks are always on fleek, and I have this to thank for it.”


10. Ina Garten – ‘Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear’ by Katy Bowman


Ina Garten with her book.


Bookstr Imagined Review: “And my kicks are never on!”


11. Julia Child – ‘Voynich manuscript’


Julia Child with a book.


Bookstr Imagined Review: “This is quite the page turner. I have never read something I have related to so closely!”


So, no, we can’t be sure these are their favorite books… Or even books they have read, but these guesses can’t be too far off! What’s your favorite celebrity on the list?


Header images courtesy of Closer Weekly, Paper City Magazine, and Vegas.Eater.com