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‘Little Women’ Goes Modern With Multicultural Graphic Novel

In honor of Little Women‘s 150th anniversary,  Little, Brown Books Books for Young Readers is revamping Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic with a modern spin. 


The publishing company is collaborating with Tapas Media to bring color to the pages of this classic with a new graphic novel which will feature a muilticultural version of the March family.


150 years after Little Women enchanted readers everywhere, audiences across the world have become immersed in more diversified cultures and will find themselves better able to identify with the March family ever more than before.



Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media


Written by Rey Terciero and illustrated by Bre Indigo, this graphic novel, titled Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy, will honor Alcott’s incredible characters while acknowledging the dramatic cultural shift that has occurred in the last 150 years.


“Bre and I wanted to see ourselves in the characters, too, which is why we made the family diverse,” Terciero said. This representation will go beyond skin color, however, as the graphic novel will also feature an LGBTQ character.

Terciero comments:


I wanted to play with the subtext that may not have been available 150 years ago, but that we can speak openly about these days. Being LGBT myself, I’m just happy to be creating a book that I wish I could have read as a young reader.



Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media


Mirroring Alcott’s version, the graphic novel will dive into some heavy topics including sexuality, maturity, sisterhood, identity, and more. However, the colorful illustrations will help to bring light to the dark matters and maintain an uplifting tone.


“It’s also very PG, and very sweet,” Terciero said. “I wanted to be sensitive with the heavy topics while staying true to Alcott’s vision of empowering young women.”



Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media


Indigo spoke of her desire to see modern audiences find a new reliability in the diverse characters.


She said:


Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy have so much in common with today’s youth and hopefully when young readers pick up the book they can find themselves in the girls and apply their growth to their own lives. My personal goal as an artist is to help others to embrace empathy, to relate to one another and grow as individuals. And I think our book does just that.


Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy will premiere as an episodic series online, with the first episode available this week. A paperback version along with e-book editions will be released in November 2018.


Feature Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media

oprah's book club

Oprah to Produce Movie Adaptation of Her Newest Book Club Pick

Philanthropist and talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey, has finally let the word out on her newest pick for Oprah’s Book Club! Her self-titled “must-read” club can certainly be called a staple of American culture since she crafted and executed the idea in 1996.  Her first pick twenty-two years ago was The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard, and her newest pick is An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. Since June, Oprah fans have been waiting with bated breath for this announcement, and she guarantees you will not be disappointed by this read!



Image Via Workman Publishing


An American Marriage is Jones’ fourth novel, and it follows two newlyweds: Roy and Celestial. After Roy is charged with a crime that he did not commit, he is thrown into prison for twelve years and his young wife is left alone and afraid. Celestial begins forming a close relationship with Roy’s old friend and best man, Andre, in an effort to find comfort during her suddenly dark days. Jones suggests that the novel is very much a love triangle, but also reimagines and redefines what we might think of as a traditional American love story. Jones also hopes that the novel will showcase the horrifying repercussions of what prison can do to a family and the loved ones left behind. 


tayari jones

Image Via USA Today


An American Marriage is published by Algonquin Books, and Tayari Jones remains a professor at Rutgers-Newark. In addition to fully endorsing Jones’ newest novel, Oprah intends to produce a film adaptation through her production company, Harpo Films. Oprah has nothing but praise and admiration for the novelist’s latest work, and completely insists that you will not be disappointed by the love triangle that ensues after a hiccup in the system sends an innocent man to prison. 




Feature Image Via Oprah.com

Toni Morrison

Nobel Prize-Winner Toni Morrison’s New Book Links Past, Present, and Future

This insanely talented author has something incredible for us.


Or maybe it’s a lot of things in one.


The award-winning Morrison recently released her new book The Origin of Others (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) and we have no doubt it will be as classic as the rest of her work.


Toni Morrison

Image Via Amazon


It was back in the Spring of 2016 that Morrison delivered a series of Norton Lectures within Harvard University touching on subjects of race, literature, human fears, and social movements. Now those lectures have become six essays stitched together in one eye-opening volume.


Toni Morrison

Image Via CNN


Morrison takes a hard look at the concept of otherness within her own novels, such as Beloved and Paradise. She pulls from the rich history of setbacks and victories of race in America. She also looks at the nineteenth-century efforts to romanticize slavery in the literary world. By drawing on Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner, among other authors, Morrison is able to provide various viewpoints a megaphone.


Once again she gives us something that will launch our thoughts back in time while still firmly aware of contemporary issues.


Feature Image Via Highbrow

Rupi Kaur holding her book 'milk and honey'

5 Books by Internet Poets You NEED to Read

Internet poetry is growing in popularity with an increasing number of poets gaining massive online followings and fame. These writers are tackling issues such as race, femininity, heartbreak, addiction, healing, and so much more in their work.


That said, the sheer volume of poets who have gained success online can make it hard to know where to start with your reading. We’ve compiled a list of the top five books by poets who gained success online and who continue to regularly post new and inspiring content on their socials. 


1. Rupi Kaur – milk and honey (Simon and Schuster, 2014)


Black background featuring title 'milk and honey' and illustration of bees

Image Courtesy of Goodreads


Rupi Kaur boasts a stunning 1.4 million Instagram followers, and her debut book milk and honey sold upwards of one million copies and spent over a year on the New York Times bestseller list. Published by literary giants Simon and Schuster, the Punjab-born, Toronto-raised poet, performer, and illustrator captured hearts and minds around the world with her simple, moving prose. She shared her work on Tumblr, before moving to Instagram in 2014 when she began adding appealing line illustrations to offset her work.


She explores themes of femininity, heartbreak, abuse, and survival, using only lowercase letters and periods. On her website she states she only uses lowercase letters because Punjabi is written in Gurmukhi script, which uses only lower case lettering. She writes this way “in order to preserve the small details of my mother language… a world within a world. which is what i am as an immigrant. as a disporic punjabi sikh woman.” 


Just this month, Kaur announced that her upcoming book will be entitled the sun and her flowers and will be published in October 2017. We’re on the edge of our seats!


2. Alicia Cooke – Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately (CreateSpace, 2017)


Line drawing of a mixtape featuring title

Image Courtesy of Goodreads


Alicia Cooke’s 19,100 Instagram followers would agree that this poet and activist is one to watch. She has been acknowledged by Teen Vogue, CNN, and USAToday, and her self-published “poetry mixtape,” Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately, was a finalist in the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards. It is in the style of a 90s mixtape, with tracks instead of titles and sides instead of chapters (hint: side B features her own ‘blackout poetry’ remixes!).


Due to her extensive work on addiction, about which she regularly writes for the Huffington Post and other publications, 100% of the profits from her book go to Willow Tree Centre, a rehabilitation center in New Jersey. We’re so excited to see where her work takes her next! 


3. Atticus – Love Her Wild (Simon and Schuster, 2017)


A person falling gently through clouds

Image Courtesy of Barnes & Noble


With over 387,000 Instagram followers including the likes of Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss, and just yesterday endorsed by A-lister Emma Roberts on her own Instagram which boasts 10.9 million followers, Atticus’s star is rising.  He appears in the photo on Roberts’ account obscuring his face with his trademark book mask, which, he told Teen Vogue, is “not only to remain anonymous, but also to encourage himself to write what he truly feels, and not just what he thinks he should feel.”


This quote has since appeared in the form of a poem entitled “Mask” on his Instagram. In the Amazon entry for his book, it states that he was dubbed this year by Galore magazine asthe world’s most tattooable poet,” thousands of fans have had his work tattooed and his short works of searing honesty have captured the hearts of thousands more. Love Her Wild was published this year by Simon and Schuster and we can’t wait to see where Atticus will go next!  


4. Nayyirah Waheed – salt (CreateSpace, 2013)


The title in black in bottom right corner against white background

Image Courtesy of Amazon


Not a whole lot is known about Nayyirah Waheed beyond her body of work, but what work it is! With two books under her belt, salt (2013) and nejma (2015), Waheed’s words have been acknowledged by everyone from Florence Welch to Khloe Kardashian to the participants of the Women’s March on Washington and center around issues of race and femininity.


Unable to find a publisher for salt despite her large following, she self-published her work, which is now studied in high schools, and has gleaned over 263,000 followers on Instagram. Business Daily Africa described Waheed as an “urban poet with near-sacred folk tales of our generation born from honesty.” We’re sure the only way is up for this talent.


5. Tyler Knott Gregson – All the Words Are Yours (Tarcher Perigee – Penguin Books, 2015)


Birds in the distance flocking against sepia clouds with titles across them

Image Courtesy of Amazon


With 259,000 followers on Tumblr and 184,000 on Instagram, Tyler Knott Gregson’s first book Chasers of the Light became a national bestseller when it was published in 2014. He followed up the next year with our personal favorite, a collection of haikus about love called All the Words Are Yours. The book cemented Knott Gregson’s status as a ‘talented, soul-stirring writer,’ according to Entertainment Focus, and he has since come out with no less than three more: Love Notes (2016), North Pole Ninjas (2016), Be Bold, Be Brave (2017) and Be Wild, Be Brave (2017).


Is it too much to hope for another 2017 publication from this prolific poet? We’re not sure we can wait!


Featured Image Courtesy of The Odyssey Online