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Quiz: Can You Identify Authors’ Real Names?

A common practice within the writing world is the use of pen names i.e. adopted names writers use to maintain anonymity within their personal lives. From J.K. Rowling to Dr. Seuss, the name of your favorite author is likely fake. For unsuspecting readers, finding out the birth name of an author can be quite startling (some names are not exactly aurally pleasing…or spelled nicely).


So here’s the deal: listed below is the birth name of an author and underneath that name, you’ll find the names of four authors (one of which is a pen name). See if you can correctly identify which pen name matches the name listed. Good luck!

lisa simpson

Quiz: Can You Identify A Book Based on a Single Page?

Typically, avid readers tend to identify books and authors relatively easy. The works of distinquished authors tend to have a unified aura; even if their stories are not connected, the storylines, tone, and characters can have a shared something or other. These books, however, can be a wee bit difficult to identify without a name or author. Challenge yourself to see which books these images originate from!




Featured image via Pintrest

public parks

Plant a Garden, and We’ll Reveal Your Favorite Impressionist Painter

Say au revoir to winter! Spring approaches and with it, the flourishing of parks and gardens depicted in some of the best-loved masterpieces of modern art.

Design a garden to channel your favorite Impressionist artists who, inspired by the spectacular transformation of Paris in the 19th-century, painted these green spaces as the distinctive scenes of contemporary life.


Reveal your favorite, then learn more about this extraordinarily creative period in Public Parks, Private Gardens: Paris to Province, a new publication available at The Met Store.