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Which Literary Couple Are You?

Valentines day is here, and it’s not only for those who love each other, but also for the love of books! Are you and your partner curious to know where you stand as a couple? Well, following in the footsteps of several other websites, we’ve made a quiz to determine which literary couple you’re most like! Some of the answers might be a little… specific… but we’re sure you’ll find the closest one!

Have fun!




Quiz: Can You Identify Authors’ Real Names?

A common practice within the writing world is the use of pen names i.e. adopted names writers use to maintain anonymity within their personal lives. From J.K. Rowling to Dr. Seuss, the name of your favorite author is likely fake. For unsuspecting readers, finding out the birth name of an author can be quite startling (some names are not exactly aurally pleasing…or spelled nicely).


So here’s the deal: listed below is the birth name of an author and underneath that name, you’ll find the names of four authors (one of which is a pen name). See if you can correctly identify which pen name matches the name listed. Good luck!