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Book Sales Down Again This Week

Following a drop of 5.5% in print book sales last week, which is mostly due to no big titles coming out, this week followed with a drop of 1.2% compared to the week of September 26.

As “Paying The Writer” Gets Easier, Whither Bookstores? | TechCrunch

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Despite seven new titles appearing among the top 10 bestsellers last week, it was not enough to bring book sales up. After a few dire months in the Publishing industry at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, sales seemed to be recovering in the last few months due to a few reasons: the prevalence of online purchasing in the US, Ingram’s (book distribution company) print-on-demand operations, and the high demand of titles on politics and race such as White Fragility, How to Be an Antiracist, and The Room Where it Happened. 


Nine of the best books about race and racial discrimination - The National

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But since the popularity of these same books is beginning to fade out, the lack of in-person events and book fairs, and because the industry continues to face printing shortages, sales have slipped once again. Hopefully, as we approach the Holiday season, we’ll see an increase in book sales.

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Hachette Controversy Update

You may recall our article from last week on the controversy over Hachette’s choice to publish a memoir from accused sexual abuser Woody Allen.

As of our last article, protests were merely hypothetical, but the book community did take a stand, and Hachette employees in New York and Boston even walked out in protest, according to the BBC.

Hachette’s initial reaction to objections from Allan’s own son, renown investigative journalist Ronan Farrow (see our original article for more on Farrow and his objections, as well as further background), was tepid at best, and even now, they have been reported as saying (see the BBC again), that they don’t cancel deals with authors lightly. Then again, many other publishers rejected Allen’s memoir outright, and Amazon canceled a four movie deal with the infamous director after the reemergence of abuse allegations.

The walk out, combined with apparent meetings with employees, seem to have convinced Hachette to cancel the book this week.

The memoir was set to come out in April, though announcement seems to have been delayed, and Farrow alleges the deal was hidden from him by the publisher, and the delay in announcement certainly pushed off protests, deliberately or not.


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