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Teaser for ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Arrives!

Exciting news for Disney fans! The trailer of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil has arrived and it looks to be a darker tale than most Disney productions. Fan favorite Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, returns in this sequel to the 2014 version. The first film told Maleficent’s origin story, offering a different perspective on the classic Sleeping Beauty. The upcoming sequel will pick up a few years after the original, and will see the dark sorceress join with Princess Aurora to protect the kingdom from greater threat. The film will explore the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora, while crafting a beautifully realized fantasy world.


Maleficent stands side by side with Aurora, Maleficent wreathed in green flames and spreading her black wings

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The aesthetics for the film look on point, with Maleficent herself brilliantly portrayed by Angelina Jolie once more.  Jolie perfect embodies the role, with her pale skin, curved horns, wreathed in green flames and  imposing black wings topping off the look. Not to mention her smooth, yet almost mischievous, voice. Joining Jolie in the film will be Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Ingrith, Harris Dickinson as Prince Philip, and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora.

The teaser doesn’t show much but it lets the viewers know this will be a darker twist on the source material, showcasing the moody interior of the towering castle in the kingdom, Maleficent attacking enemies to protect Aurora, and a glimpse of dark creatures flying down from the skies, as well as Maleficent spread her wings, looking like she’s ready for total war.

Are you excited? We sure are! Get ready to see the mistress of evil this October, as Maleficent: Mistress of Evil arrives October 8th.


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5 of the Most Inspiring Princesses from Literature

As Meghan Markle prepares to officially become royalty this Saturday, we remember five of our favorite royal heroines from across the literary world. 


1. Mia Thermopolis – The Princess Diaries



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One of the most recognizable princesses in literature, Mia Thermopolis found out that she was secretly royalty when she was only 14 (15 in the Disney film adaptation). She’s one of the most badass literary princesses to date, exampled by her many accomplishments as both princess and queen.


2. Princess Buttercup – The Princess Bride



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Quite possibly one of the most underrated literary princesses, Princess Buttercup could wipe the floor with any other royal heroine. She does what she wants and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her. Not to mention, she’s got some zesty one-liners. 


3. Eowyn – The Lord of the Rings



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Fun fact: Eowyn means horse-lover in Anglo-Saxon. One of Tolkien’s favorite characters, Eowyn is a complex princess who values family and has a strong sense of duty, charging into battle in disguise. While the movie dulled down her personality, the book version of Eowyn showcases the strong warrior she is. 


4. America – The Selection



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Like Mia, America quickly moved up the ranks from princess to queen by winning the heart of Prince Maxon. Unique, compassionate, and focused, America changed her priorities to focus on herself instead of the men in her life at the young age of 16. Learning these lessons at such a young age helped America not only thrive as queen, but teach her daughter to do the same. 


5. Mare – Red Queen


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Practically shoved into royalty, Mare’s authoritative powers come from her practically unheard of superhuman abilities. While a little secretive and described as bitter and rougher by her mother, Mare still does everything she can within her power to protect her loved ones. While battling off the Silvers and stay true to herself, she maintains her sense of humor throughout. 


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5 Books To Get You Excited For The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is happening this Saturday and I could not be more excited. I was 13 when my mother and I watched Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 4 a.m. wedding, and since then, I’ve been fascinated with all things royal, specifically the Queen’s corgis, may they rest in peace. 



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With Harry and Meghan’s romance essentially a real-life fairytale, the books written about it are bound to be just as enchanting. Here are a list of some of the best books to get you hyped for the wedding this weekend. 


1. American Princess by Leslie Carroll


via Harper Collins

via HarperCollins


Leslie Carroll’s newest book details the life of soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and her romance with Prince Harry. 


2. Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton 



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Andrew Morton, known for his Princess Diana biography, Diana: Her True Story, has released an in-depth look at Meghan Markle and how she has and will transform the royal family. 


3. Harry and Meghan: A Love Story Coloring Book by Teresa Goodridge 



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For more tactile enthusiasts of the royal family, Teresa Goodridge has crafted the perfect solution. This coloring book featured 30 ready-to-color illustrations with perforations so you can show off your coloring skills and creativity. 


4. The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan



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A fictional retelling of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love, this novel follows an American student who just happens to fall in love with heir to the throne, Nick, while at university. 


5. Harry: Life, Loss, and Love by Katie Nicholl



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Katie Nicholl’s book covering the famed prince gives readers a look into his life with interviews from friends, colleagues, and former Palace aides, painting a compelling portrait of one of the most popular members of the royal family. 


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Cinderella Who? Anastasia Steals the Spotlight as the NEW Disney Princess

I love a technicality, and technically, Anastasia has become a Disney princess. On Thursday, Disney announced it had struck a deal to acquire Fox for $52.4 billion. Following the deal, most people have focused on the steps towards a Disney monopoly like no other: the merger means all the characters within the pages of Marvel Comics are finally under one cinematic roof. The merger also means that Anastasia, the heroine from the 1997 film of the same name, is officially a Disney princess. 


Despite always feeling like she should be a Disney princess, the movie came out of 20th Century Fox’s animation studios and could never really be on your list of favorite princesses, until now. I’m psyched to add her to my list of favorites, but the issue now is exactly where on that list she’ll land. She’s kind of a badass, you know.



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My favorite Disney princess has always been Mulan, but with this news, I’m not sure how solid that ranking is. Mulan and Anastasia have a lot in common, they’re two of the earliest examples of self-sufficient princesses who seek out their own adventures rather than just search for a prince to marry or stumble into trouble and expect a man to save them. These are the princesses that paved the way for stories with strong role models like Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, or Moana. 


Anastasia and Dimitri

Gif via We Heart It


If you’re still on the fence, let’s talk about our newest Disney prince, Dimitri. As a child, he selflessly saves Anastasia and her grandmother. As an adult, he’s a con man with a heart of gold who looks damn good in a tux and can waltz with the best of them. Oh yeah, and did I mention he was voiced by John Cusack? Oops, probably should’ve mentioned that first. 


And then there’s the villain of the story – Rasputin! He’s such a creep in such a lovely, historically accurate way. 


Rasputin from Anastasia

Gif via College Humor


Seriously, this movie should be working its way to the top of your list, if it isn’t already.


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