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The Twilight Film Turns 12!

Twilight, the first film in the series is now 12! It’s amazing to think how excited fans were for the release of the film, and 12 years later, fans are still excited to pick up Midnight Sun and read from Edward’s perspective.

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10 Fictional Schools Even Worse Than Ones We Went To

The back to school season is always difficult for those of us still enrolled in the education system, however we really don’t have it all that bad. And there’s nothing quite like books to make our lives feel just a little less sucky in comparison.

Here are ten fictional schools that we would never want attend, in order from least bad to the absolute baddest.



10. Wayside School (Wayside school Series)

Wayside School is Falling DownImage via Scholastic


There is no way in hell that Wayside School is up to OSHA code. It’s literally falling down.

Plus, none of the kids in this school learn anything. Sure it’s fun to muck around in class every once and a while, but these kids are learning math without numbers and being turned into apples by evil witch teachers.

Call me old fashioned but that environment doesn’t seem very conducive to learning.


9. Rosewood High (Pretty Little LIars)

Rosewood HighImage via Pretty Little Liars Wiki


Rosewood High has all the average high school stressors. There’s sexuality to figure out, eating disorders to cling to, and teachers to be assaulted by.

But what really puts Rosewood on the map? The blackmail and murder. A lot of it. So, so much.


8. Thomas Ewen Consolidated High School (Carrie)

Carrie at promImage via imdb


This particular school is a bit different. It’s not Carrie’s school that’s awful, it’s her fellow students. Carrie’s peers relentlessly cruel, and the teachers don’t really seem to give a damn.

If you were to attend this school you might get a couple tampons chucked your way, which is pretty mean, but not deadly.

Definitely stay in on prom night though…


7. Pencey Prep School (Catcher in the Rye)

Catcher in the RyeImage via Amazon


If you’ve ever toured at a boarding school or college, you might be familiar with schools like Pencey Prep. The website is sleek, the brochures are long and convincing, and the images all show students having the time of their lives sitting in class or enjoying their extracurriculars.

Then you get there and it’s raining, the classrooms still have those televisions on rolling carts, and there’s no clubs to speak of.

How phony is that…


6. Lowood Institution (Jane Eyre)

An interpretation of LowoodImage via WatchingJane


Jane Eyre is sent to Lowood Institution as a punishment from her cruel aunt, Sarah Reed.

If the starvation, cruel discipline, and threadbare clothes weren’t punishment enough, holding on to your best friend desperately as she dies of consumption probably fits the bill.

Students attending this school today are definitely gonna want to get vaccinated before the school year starts.



5. Prufrock Preparatory School (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Prufrock PrepImage via Lemony Snicket Wiki


Prufrock Prep isn’t exactly… welcoming.

Among Prufrock Prep’s many dazzling features are the Orphan Shack where all orphans are forced to live, a punishment where being late to class means you are forced to eat your meals like a dog with your hands tied behind your back, and your grade in gym class is worth 51% of your overall grade meaning most members of Bookstr‘s audience would probably flunk out.

Ha ha, gotcha. Nerds.


4. Crunchem Hall Primary School (Matilda)

Crunchem HallImage via Sony Pictures Entertainment


While Crunchem Hall didn’t last forever, it certainly left an impression on every child who read Matilda. I don’t even like to wear my hair in pigtails because I’m so irrationally afraid someone will grab me by the braid and fling me into the air.

They also just don’t look that good on me. I have a big forehead.

Also this school is literally shorthand ‘Crunch Them’ Hall. Who did that.


3. Hogwarts (Harry Potter Series)

HogwartsImage via Penguin Teen


I know everyone wants to be a wizard or witch, and everyone wants to hang with Harry and his crew, but Hogwarts is dangerous.

Even prior to Voldemort’s presence on campus there was a giant lizard monster in the basement, murderous mermaids in the water, and a backyard so deadly they had to name it the Forbidden Forest to keep students from going in and getting killed.

Some people might think I should’ve put Durmstrang on this list instead of Hogwarts, but honestly Hogwarts seems way more perilous.

Hogwarts became a literally battlefield at the apex of a wizarding world war, Durmstrang is just emo.



2. Shiroiwa Junior High (Battle Royale)

Shiroiwa Junior High class photoImage via What’s on TV


Realistically, you wouldn’t want to be an eighth grader at any school in this universe. You probably also don’t want to be a eighth grader in any universe, to be fair.

However being an eighth grader in Battle Royale means you could be randomly selected by the government to participate in a Hunger Games style fight to the death that lasts over the course of three days.

Now I didn’t love my middle school classmates, but I don’t want to murder them, and I definitely don’t want to be murdered by them.


1. The Rachel and Leah Re-Education Center (Handmaid’s Tale)

Image via Abbey Research


This school is where handmaids learn how to be handmaids. The women attending have their hands chopped off, their eyes gouged, and their tongues cut out as punishments for misbehaving.

Definitely makes detention seem like a walk in the park.





Featured image via American Cinematographers


My 10 First Impressions Upon Starting to Watch ‘Pretty Little Liars’ For The First Time.

As YA book adaptations featuring anonymous, omnipresent trouble-makers with penchants for blackmail go, I was always a Gossip Girl …girl. I have watched the entire thing start to finish twice. As such, I’ve never watched Pretty Little Liars. I remember my friends being totally obsessed with it all through the end of high school, and beginning and, indeed, middle of college, (the show ran for a solid seven years, don’t forget, during which time not a single member of the cast seemed to have aged at all) and I held out all that time because I knew that if I watched the first episode I would become addicted. I knew this because a YA high school murder drama could not be more up my alley and a complete encapsulation of themes that interest me if it tried. I put it off because starting it meant committing to investing a lot of time into it. And time, children, is something of which we humans do not have a lot. 


Anyway, last Thursday I was like fuck it I’ll watch the entire thing, let’s go.


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


Honestly, I’m not 100% sure where I was going with this article, I guess I just wanted to legitimize my questionable decision to embark on watching all seven seasons of a show described by a friend of mine as “a slog” that she “regrets watching tbh.” I’m doing it for work, I can tell myself once this article is finished. The people of Bookstr will support my support of a popular book adaptation. The people will want to know my opinions on a show that started running in 2010 and finished a full year ago


First impressions having watched the initial eight episodes: 


1. How is Lucy Hale so good looking? She looks like a drawing of a hot person. I can’t stop gazing into her eyes. 


2. Yesss Holly Marie Combs, bringing that Charmed goodness to Rosewood. Love you forever Piper.


3. Aria’s dad is some freak and does not deserve her cool mother. 


4. Love that there appears to be no more than a ten year age gap between Hannah and her hot mom. Also her dad can also absolutely suck it; WHO introduces their fiance to their daughter WITHOUT TELLING THE DAUGHTER THEY EVEN HAVE A GIRLFRIEND? This show is RIFE with faulty fathers. (see also: Spencer’s ‘I only care about winning’ dad.) 


5. Spencer’s sister Melissa looks EXACTLY like the villain in Titanic. Observe: 


Images Via Pinetrest and CarterMatt.comImages Via Bustle and Vulture

Images Via Pinterest


6. Toby looks very like a younger Woody Harrelson (not as much as Melissa looks like Titanic dude though.)


Images Via Pinterest and Mashable

Images Via Pinterest and Mashable


7. Emily’s evil ex-boyfriend who tried to force himself on her in the locker rooms better get his comeuppance. 


8. Obviously I’m like “who the f is A’ but I’m also still traumatized by the outrageous and nonsensical fact of who Gossip Girl turned out to be, and so I’m not going to get too invested in speculation. 


9. Aria’s student-teacher relationship is creepy AF and I hope he doesn’t come back. When they’re in the bar and his friend is like ‘dude you’re gonna be wearing an orange jumpsuit’ or whatever, he’s right and should have also said “Our friendship is kaput you absolute scumbag, please cease dating teenagers. Oh my god.”


10. When the girls receive a video of themselves taken from INSIDE the closet in the bedroom, they are not remotely terrified enough. That incident should be enough to drive them all absolutely berserk with fear and paranoia and I have no idea how they just brush it off and carry on with their daily lives. I would have a full-blown mental breakdown if that happened to me. I already think every creek in my apartment is a would-be murderer coming to dispatch me and I don’t even have any known enemies! If I discovered that someone who I knew had a vendetta against me and had been WATCHING ME FROM INSIDE MY WARDROBE I would legitimately never be the same again. I know there are plenty of things in this show for which one must suspend their disbelief but this one really bothered me. 


So. That’s where I’m at. Updates to come once I’ve watched the next eight episodes. Tune in next time!


Featured Image Via Netflix