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Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed Is Sure To Be A Hit

DC Comics new, YA Wonder Woman graphic novel, Wonder Woman:Tempest Tossed is almost upon us. It was written by Laurie Halse Anderson, the best selling author behind Speak and Shout and illustrated by artist, Leila del Luca. The novel will be hitting shelves next month on the second but it available now for pre-order.

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In this origin story of Wonder Woman, Diana is turning sixteen and wants to be accepted by the warriors of her people, The Amazons. Themyscira gets a surprise when refugees on rafts come through the magic barrier that is supposed to keep the island a secret. Diana, being Diana goes to help the refugees but in turn she gets swept away. Now, Diana is alone in a unfamiliar world, with no loved ones. She has to navigate this new and dangerous environment while along the way making new friends and fighting for justice.

Check out the trailer!

Does that not sound exciting? As I Wonder Woman fan, I will be pre-ordering as soon as possible. I’d never seen a take on Diana quite like this one. And it is stunning to boot.

image via Entertainment Weekly


Image via Entertainment Weekly 

If you are true Wonder Woman, DC or comic fan in general I highly suggest you guys to get your pre-orders in or if you want to wait, get it in stores on June 2, 2020, in protective gear of course. This graphic novel will not disappoint.

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