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Bellagio Fountains

Winter Has Come to Las Vegas!

Winter has come to Las Vegas! Now in addition to gambling, the city is hosting a glorious light show that will last until April 14th. You may ask, “What’s the occasion?”


Bellagio Fountains-Game of Thrones

Image Via Yahoo

Game of Thrones, of course! The soaring iconic fountains are known for their choreographed aquatic show with music and lights that really show off the drama of the city. Owned by MGM Resorts International, this luxurious property attracts millions of visitors every year, and now those millions of visitors just might become Game of Thrones fans after watching this spectacle.


Bellagio Fountains-Dragon

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Oh, who am I kidding? They probably already watch the show.


Bellagio Fountains-Night King

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The show features rising water with as we are granted shadowy of the Night King rising his army of White Walkers followed by a blaze of pyrotechnics as dragons fly onto the screen before streaming water formed the show’s iconic throne and crown, a scene which the Lima Ohio writes to be “towering 800-foot-long (244-meter) wall of water emerged from the lake”.


Porky Pig, That's all Folks!

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Nope! Wrong, Porky Pig, that, in fact, is not all folks!

Along with these stellar images comes a new iconic sound, reminiscent of the show’s theme, which the LA Times reported was written by none other than Ramin Djawadi, the composer for Game of Thrones.


Image result for Ramin Djawadi

Image Via Winter is Coming

This site is truly a sight to behold. Mark Fuller, CEO of WET Design, the company that created the fountains and show, told Snopes, “We didn’t just want to portray literally scenes from Game of Thrones here, not like a teaser or a preview of season eight…We want to bring you the emotion.”

And emotion it does bring. Snopes got a fan reaction from Las Vegas resident Gaile Tiquia who said, “I had chills for the entire show…It’s amazing! It’s too much.”


Bellagio Fountains-Smoke on the Water

Image Via Red Deer Advocate

I can only imagine, but you don’t have to!

The Bellagio fountains are found near the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, located at 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. The hotel opens at 3am, so you have a place to stay if you choose to fly out and see this wondrous site!


Bellagio Fountains-Front View

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Can’t afford a trip (like little ol’ me?). Then watch this recording of the event below!



Featured Image Via Syfy Wire