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Barack Obama’s Memoir Is Out Nov.17

Two weeks after this coming election day, the first volume of Barack Obama’s memoir will be out for the public to get their hands on. The book is called A Promised Land and will detail his time as president during his first term into his presidency.


“I’ve spent the last few years reflecting on my presidency, and in ‘A Promised Land’ I’ve tried to provide an honest accounting of my presidential campaign and my time in office: the key events and people who shaped it; my take on what I got right and the mistakes I made; and the political, economic, and cultural forces that my team and I had to confront then — and that as a nation we are grappling with still.”

The memoir will give the reader a glimpse of the  personal journey that he and his wife, Michelle Obama, went through while in their stations as President and First Lady respectively. The book will be distributed by a division of Penguin Random House and a second volume hasn’t been determine as of yet.


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