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‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Was First Published Today!

There are few books beloved as much as children’s picture book Where the Wild Things ArePublished originally in 1963, the book was written and drawn by American writer Maurice Sendak. Almost immediately upon its release, it found critical acclaim among the literary community, winning the Caldecott Medal in 1964 and selling 10 million copies in the United States, with those sales reaching 19 million worldwide internationally. It was voted the number one picture book in a 2012 survey. Its also been adapted numerous times, first as an animated short film in 1974, 1983 opera, and then as a big picture screen adaptation in 2009, directed by Spike Jonze, starring Max Records, Catherine Keener, and Mark Ruffalo.


A small boy sits next to a large monster in the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are

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The story is a simple one, focusing on a young child called Max who puts on a wolf costume and terrorizes his mother. Sent to bed without supper, he imagines himself visiting an island full of monsters where the titular Wild Things make him their king. But Max grows lonely among them and returns home, finding his dinner waiting for him.


Celebrate the anniversary of the book’s publication by cracking it open and having another read through. Chances are you already own a copy. Its one of the most famous children’s books in the world for a good reason, after all. Happy birthday, Wild Things!


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Madonna May Be Queen of Pop But She’s Also an Amazing Author

Today is our Queen-for-ever Madonna’s birthday! Happy BIRTHDAY girl! Her extraordinary and inspiring music business has become a “needless-to-say” and here I would like to unfold another perspective on this diva.


What inspired Madonna to create picture books is Kabbalah fable stories. Enjoying the deeper meaning hidden in the simple stories, Madonna dedicated herself to creating the books in order to convey the importance of following your heart. 




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Her first publication The English Roses (2003) sold 40 million copies and topped the Children Picture Books list at New York Times


Notablyall the royalties from the books are donated to the Spirituality for Kids Foundation. What a kind diva.




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Madonna’s The English Roses is a story of rivalry and friendship among schoolgirls in contemporary London. Four girls–Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, and Grace–are eleven years old and the very best of friends. They have sleepovers, picnics and ice-skating parties that exclude Binah, a beautiful girl whose seemingly perfect life makes them “green with envy.” However, when a feisty, pumpernickel-loving fairy godmother takes them on a magical journey, they learn to their great surprise that Binah’s life is not nearly as enviable as it had seemed.


This tale is cleverly told, with many teaspoonfuls of good humor. Children and adults alike engage with this story that celebrates friendship as much as it teaches compassion. Jeffrey Fulvimari’s illustrations are no less than stunning–they fill every page with vivacious black ink lines and gorgeous watercolor reminiscent of 1960s fashion sketches.



Madonna’s creativity is more than that, check her books out here!


Sincerely hope that our dazzling diva can keep her writing career! Happy Birthday to Madonna! <3



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A Love Letter to Jon Klassen, Author of ‘I Want My Hat Back’

Dear adored children’s author Jon Klassen,

I have purchased the entirety of your Hat series, I Want My Hat Back, We Found a Hat, and This Is Not My Hat for my first cousins. While they may have not enjoyed them as much as I had, I’ll still purchase them for future cousins to come. 


I first fell in love with your books while working at an independent bookstore in quiet Sunnyvale, California. The associated children’s bookstore next door carried your books, so when I sauntered in looking to expand my literary range, I saw it. The newly published We Found a Hat.  It’s pink and grey ombre cover and the cute little turtles just sitting so entrancingly. I grabbed the book and took it next door, not knowing what I was getting myself into.



Image Via Tumblr


From my past experiences in children’s literature, I was expecting a simplified story with a moral about friendship, family, or how to be a decent child in the world. Your writing and illustrations gave a whole new meaning to picture books.



Image Via Amazon


Just look at that turtle’s side eye. I have never seen a more relevant expression in any pictorial depiction in my twenty years of life. By the end of the book, I was hooked. The New York Times blurb about We Found A Hat being “a masterpiece” and The Boston Globe calling it “a moving story about loyalty, sacrifice, friendship, and the power of imagination” were no understatements. Thank goodness you had four other books published at the time. I ran next door, slammed the book on the counter, and ran back over to the children’s book section to pick up a copy of every book we had. 


Amazon’s description of I Want My Hat Back left me with many questions, “A picture-book delight by a rising talent tells a cumulative tale with a mischievous twist.” I could be getting myself into anything at this point and I stayed unafraid. I swiftly went back to the front desk on my side of the store and opened up I Want My Hat Back


The range of emotion expressed by this bear is immeasurable and I will never find a better visual expression of betrayal and realization of the betrayal in beautiful watercolor paintings. While browsing around the internet, I also found a video recreation of I Want My Hat Back which perfectly displays the same emotions felt while reading it.



Image Via Goodreads



Image Via Gallery Nucleus


You can use feel the tension in the bear and rabbit’s eyes. 



Image Via Pinterest


While browsing around the internet, I also found a video recreation of I Want My Hat Back which perfectly displays the same emotions felt while reading it.



This was the moment that I decided that my gift to future generations of children would be a set of your books. Not only are they enjoyable for children, but also provide just enough entertainment for their adult reading counterparts. I spent the rest of the night reading all of your work and have never been more content and at peace while reading children’s literature. They were smart enough to get me audibly laughing and they didn’t dumb down concepts for children.


Along with your fantastic children’s books, your twitter is absolute gold. A few days ago you shared a series of books from Mia Coulton about a yellow labrador named Danny.



Another day you retweeted a picture of a very round duck wearing a cute little hat from the account Round Animals and have spread the cute critters to my Twitter feed.



You have not only shared the joys of children’s literature, but also nuggets of gold on Twitter.  


Thank you Jon Klassen for all the joy with which you have provided me, and now my cousins, for the past two years. 


Maybe together, we could find a hat. 


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5 Hysterically Funny Picture Books for Adults

In today’s world of memes and short attention spans, not everybody wants to read long, epic novels that double as door-stoppers. Adults can also enjoy picture books, especially those that are made with adults in mind. If you need a good laugh, pick up one of the side-splitting books below. Maybe it’ll become your new favorite bedtime story.


1. If Animals Could Talk by Carla Butwin and Josh Cassidy



Image Via Goodfullness


As one grandma discovered, this book, based on the Tumblr “If ___ Could Talk,” is definitely not for children. But with lots of cheeky innuendo, dark humor, and inappropriate language, adults will love it.


2. Bigfoot: I Not Dead by Graham Roumieu



Image Via HeyThere


This book is the last of a three-part series in which the legendary Bigfoot describes the gritty, sometimes hysterical, details of his life. It’s a bit like your typical celebrity memoir only better.


3. K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice by Avery Monsen and Jory John



Image Via Kobo


From the authors of All My Friends Are Dead and its sequel All My Friends Are Still Dead comes this darkly-humorous collection of bad advice. It would be terrible for actual children. But it’s hilarious for adults.


4. You Have to F**king Eat by Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Owen Brozman



Image Via Laughing Squid


You’ve probably already heard of Mansbach’s previous book Go the F**k to Sleep. This book tackles the other greatest struggle for many parents: getting their children to eat anything that even slightly resembles normal food. 


5. Do You Want to Play with my Balls? by The Cifaldi Brothers, illustrated by Santiago Elizalde



Image Via Dude I Want That


Double entendres are always good. You can actually read this one aloud to small children. They just won’t understand why you’re laughing.



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'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

New ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Picture Book Is Guaranteed to Slay All Day

Nothing says late ‘90s and early 2000s quite like the TV success that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar is still one of the coolest actresses from that time. Cruel Intentions is just too good. Now for those of you who are still major Buffy fans, we’ve got some good news for you. And you could even pass it onto your kiddies!



 Image Via Buffy.wikia


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now taking on the world of illustration thanks to Quirk Books! Buffy, along with the Scooby Gang, will battle with bloodsuckers and the dark world as illustrated by Kim Smith. They’ll solve Sunnydale mysteries and fight off creatures, but it won’t be as fearsome as you would imagine. “This sweet, silly, and not-so-scary book makes a perfect bedtime story, and it’s ideal for parents introducing the next generation to Buffy and fans looking to experience it in a whole new way,” says Quirk Books to Entertainment Weekly.


Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive look at the new cover of the book, which is due for release on September 4th, 2018.


'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

 Image Via Entertainment Weekly


And if you’re as much of a fan as we know you are, you should know that Fox Consumer Products will be launching a Buffy Slay Day on March 10th to honor the show’s 21st anniversary. Basically, for almost the whole day you’ll get your pick of the coolest merch from awesome tees to the gear you need to slay monsters. All practical things. Check out their page to get the details you need to slay all day.


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