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This meme again

10 Literary Pick Up Lines to Try Tonight

Yesterday, someone asked me what my favorite pick up line was, and it’s “Do you like exothermic reactions because I can feel the heat between us.” We all had a good laugh, but then I thought, I’m bookish, why is my favorite pick up line science related and not literary? As a result, here are some literary pick up lines I think we could all put to good use.


1. Call me Ishmael, but when can I call you?


Karen from Mean Girls

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2. You had me at Othello.


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3. Give me a chance and I’ll end your Age of Innocence.


Stephen Colbert

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4. Tender is the Night you let me take you home.


Nigel from ANTM

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5. ISBN thinking about you all day long.


Seth Rogan

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6. We Need to Talk About Kevin. Hi, I’m Kevin, can I buy you a drink?


Fran Drescher

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7. Can I call you “whom”? Because you’re the object of my affections.



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8. You must be Godot, because I’ve been waiting for you all my life.


Zac Efron HSM

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9. Are you Emily Dickenson?
Because I think you’re —
Quite Dashing —


Kip and Lafawnda

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10. It would be both a Crime and a Punishment if you don’t let me take you out.



My favorite gif of ALL TIME. 
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