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5 of Literature’s Most Epic Pets

Everybody loves animals, even fictional ones. Whether they’re surviving fires or starting them, biting or putting up with the protagonists, or really good sports about villainous mistreatment, these animals are in it for the long haul. Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order.


1. Buttercup – The Hunger Games


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This cat’s been through a lot. Bombings, attempted murder, living underground. I’ve never even known a cat who could stand a closed door. Nothing impresses Buttercup. All he wants is to have his head pet and maybe some fresh entrails.



2. Drogon – Game of Thrones


Dracarys Drogon GIF - Dracarys Drogon GameOfThrones GIFs
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Who doesn’t want a dragon? Personally, I’d rather be able to breathe fire myself, but this is a close second. Our boy got LORGE. Plus, he survives the game of thrones. What’s not to like? I’d ask where my dragons are, but there’s no missing them.



3. Hedwig – Harry Potter


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She bite! Sure, Hedwig might not be the cuddliest of pets, but she can find anyone on the planet earth, and isn’t that worth more? Dignity, messengerial integrity, spots, she’s got it all. Plus, she survives longer than about half the human characters. Too soon? It’ll always be too soon.



4. Toto – The Wizard of Oz


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Have we left Kansas? Doesn’t bother her. Tornadoes, witches, Toto’s not afraid of anything. It’s also revealed in later books that Toto, like most animals in Oz, is capable of speech. She’s just not much of a talker. Still, her tendency to bite witches speaks loudly enough.



5. Max – How the Grinch Stole Christmas


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Has any pet ever put up with more? From the indignity of having to wear just one large antler, to the logistical challenge of having to pull an entire sleigh, Max always does his best to make the Grinch happy. One hopes he got a large helping of roast beef for his trouble.



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The Top 5 Best Pets in Literature

Pets are amazing. Often they have just as much personality as actual people and sometimes, they can be more compelling to us than our fellow man, being simplistic yet full of life. To celebrate the lives of our furry friends, here are some of the best pets in literature, from the fantastical to the mundane, always providing key companionship to our favorite heroes throughout their journeys.


5. Ramoth from Dragonriders of Pern


A flight of dragons passes under an alien sky, the leader read by a woman

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Who wouldn’t want a dragon as a pet? No one, that’s who and Ramoth from Dragonriders of Pern personifies this beautifully. Bonding with a lowly kitchen maid, Ramoth reveals herself to be the last queen dragon in the world. Although prone to bad moods and constantly arrogant, Ramoth is loyal to her rider and proves to be a valuable companion throughout the series. Who wouldn’t want to fly across the earth on a dragon’s back? Sign us up!


4. Frightful from My Side of the Mountain


A young boy catching a falcon as it flies down to him

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My Side Of The Mountain is a young adult novel centered on a young boy called Sam who runs away from home and lives in the Catskill Mountains. There, he hatches and raises a young falcon called Frightful, who becomes his ally and companion in the wilderness. Although she doesn’t speak and exhibits realistic falcon behavior, she’s still very lovable, being the only character who Sam really talks to. In fact, she was so beloved she got a whole book to herself, Frightful’s Mountain, which centers on her life in the wild from her point of view.


3. Ghost from A Song of Ice and Fire


A close up of the direwolf called Ghost

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One of six direwolf pups found by the Stark family, Ghost is something of an outcast among his own kind, with his unusually quiet disposition and white fur marking him as a unique. Fittingly, he is given to Jon Snow and the two form a bond, Ghost often being by his side although the direwolf often goes off on his own, disappearing for long periods of time. The coolest of the direwolves for certain, Ghost is aloof and strange but its clear he loves Jon, in his own way and always comes back to his side.


2. Toto from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Toto, the terrier dog of Wizard of Oz, stands next to his human companion Dorothy

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Toto is an iconic dog, Dorothy Gale’s companion, originating in the first book of the Oz books: The Wonderful Wizard of OzTaken to Oz along with Dorothy, he becomes the constant companion to Dorothy throughout her adventures, providing moral support and her only link to the real world. Toto doesn’t do much but he becomes iconic nonetheless, enduring what Dorothy endures and having a grand ole adventure with his human.


1. Hedwig from Harry Potter


Harry Potter holds Hedwig, a snowy owl on his arm, outside in the snow

Harry’s companion throughout the first six books, Hedwig is a snowy owl Harry buys and forms a bond with. Hedwig is very proud and haughty, often prone to temper tantrums but always shows her great love for Harry, flying miles to deliver letters for him and even harassing his friends if they aren’t nice to him. Always acting as Harry’s friend when he needs it, Hedwig meets her unfortunate demise at the hands of Voldemort in the final book, representing Harry’s loss of innocence. Yet, he always remembers his owl and we do too. We love you, Hedwig!



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'I Miss My Best Friend'

This Picture Book Helps Kids Cope When a Beloved Pet Passes On

Many of us know what it’s like to have a pet; you pretty much have an extra family member walking around on all fours. They’re best friends, secret-keepers, little sisters and brothers, guards, constant companions, and givers of unconditional love. As soon as you walk through your front door, their presence alone can heal any of the day’s wearies. So when their time of passing comes, how do you cope?


'I Miss My Best Friend'

 Image Via Amazon

My last pet that passed to the big birdcage in the sky was my lovebird Sweetie; it was a total heartbreak, even after already having lost three dogs, more birds, and a lizard. I wish I had an answer to how to get through it, but perhaps Penelope Lagos does. Lagos, the author of a brand new children’s book, I Miss My Best Friend, teaches youngsters how to deal with losing their cuddly friends. Digital Journal says: 


It is a heart-warming story for children that will help them learn how to deal with the loss of a pet. The book came about after my dog Cassius passed away. I had a difficult time finding resources to help me deal with my broken heart and thought it would be great if I was able to connect with and help others who felt this same loss.


However, she explains to Digital Journal, it’s not just for kiddies. “Even though it’s a children’s book, people of all ages can relate and hopefully take away tips on how to cope with any type of loss.” I do believe she’s right on that. Do you ever notice when losing a pet that sometimes we revert back to childlike sympathy? We face the heartache head on, but we find warm shelter in sweet poems, stories, and illustrations. They let us know that there is still love lingering from these buddies.


Unsurprisingly Lagos gets most of her inspiration from animals.


Humans have been mimicking animals for years and I believe are our greatest teachers. Being able to change someone’s perspective or help them overcome something in their life motivates me to write.


Within the book is a sweet story along with ten steps parents can use to help their children (and/or themselves) to cope. Ten percent of her book sales go to the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey. How perfect. With Sophie Maracchini’s lovely illustrations and Lagos’ use of personal experience, this oughta be a book all pet-lovers have.


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Tamagotchi Is Back! We’ll Do Our Best To Keep Them Alive This Time

If you somehow managed to avoid the Tamagotchi craze way back when, then you’re in luck: next month, your favorite virtual pet is making a limited return to the United States to celebrate its 20th anniversary!


As of today, you can preorder online at select retailers, and, starting November 5th, you can have your very own for only $15! With six different variations of shell color and style, each Tamagotchi will include six characters and the box will be a replica of the original 1997 packaging.


To tide you over, here are five of our favorite guides to keeping your favorite fake pets alive!


1. Tamagotchi: The Official Care Guide and Record Book


Tamagotchi: Official Care Guide

Image via Amazon


2. Tamagotchi Egg, An Unofficial Guide: Intentionally Useless Advice for the Shell-Shocked Parent


Tamagotchi, an Unofficial Guide

Image via Amazon


3. How to Train Your Dragon


How to Train Your Dragon

Image via Wikipedia


4. The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock


The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock

Image via Scribd


5. The Ultimate Guide to Sea-Monkeys


The Ultimate Guide to Sea-Monkeys

Image via Amazon


Featured image via Digital Spy UK.