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Rick Riordan Provides Update on Percy Jackson Disney+ TV Series

Thank the gods we have news Percy Jackson fans! On his website, Rick Riordan gave fans an update on the various projects he's been working on over the past few months including the Percy Jackson TV series happening on Disney+.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Covers

My Hopes for the Disney+ Adaptation of ‘Percy Jackson’

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is officially being adapted into a TV series at Disney+!  Now this is not the first time the popular book series is getting the live action treatment though many fans have tried to scrub the memory of the 2010 film and it's 2013 sequel from their memories.  Hopefully the second time around finally produces an adaptation that fans don't active try to deny actually exists, but going into it here are my hopes (and or fears) for the upcoming series.

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