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Cillian Murphy

‘Peaky Blinders’ Team Scores TV Rights to Kazuo Ishiguro Book

Though he may have just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, Kazuo Ishiguro might have just reached an even loftier milestone—one of his books is being made into a TV show. Caryn Mandabach Productions, the production company behind Peaky Blinders, has acquired the TV rights for When We Were Orphans.


When We Were Orphans is a detective novel which follows Christopher Banks as he tries to solve the mystery behind his parents’ disappearance when he was growing up in Shanghai. Though Ishiguro has said, “It’s not my best book,” he only has good things to say regarding the adaptation.


When We Were Orphans

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Ishiguro, who will be executive producing the series, said


TV has now become such an exciting way to tell stories – so much is possible – and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about the company that gave us Peaky Blinders developing my London/Shanghai ‘detective novel.’


Caryn Mandabach and Jamie Glazebrook will join Ishiguro as executive producers on the project. Glazebrook had this to say,

Each one of Kazuo Ishiguro’s masterpieces contains a world so vivid that one feels one has lived inside it. When We Were Orphans is no exception – a psychological thriller like no other that extends across continents into the heart of a war.”=


Never Let Me Go, which starred Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, is a pretty well-loved adaptation, so here’s to hoping the Peaky Blinders crew can match it in quality. Ishiguro may doubt the quality of his book, but hopefully he’ll like the TV show better.


Feature Image Via The Sun