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Rock Icon and Author Patti Smith’s Instagram Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Patti Smith is one of the greats. I still hold that if the Nobel committee wanted to give the prize for literature to a poetic songwriter, the award should have gone to Smith, instead of Dylan. I’m available for fights on this. (Please don’t actually fight me, Dylan is great, I just love Patti so much.) Her music is incredible, her books are some of the best I’ve ever read, (get on that Just Kids buzz, kids) and on top of all this, dear friends, her Instagram presence is pure as the driven snow. 


Image Via maxgranieri.it

Image Via maxgranieri.it


She only started the account in March of this year, and since then has gained a cool 94.2k followers. Many of her captions are formatted like poems, and she posts tributes to friends and artists on their birthdays, little glimpses into her daily life, happy selfies, a photographs of her daughter Jesse Paris Smith, a musician and passionate climate change activist, among many other things. Check out some of her lovliest posts below. 



So many followers! Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

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Patti Smith Brings Bruce Springsteen on Stage at Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of Horses

The atmosphere was electric last night in New York’s Beacon Theater, for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Steven Sebring’s documentary Horses: Patti Smith and the Band which was filmed at the Patti Smith Band’s final performance on their Horses fortieth anniversary tour in LA. 


The film, a behind the scenes look at the seventy-one year old poet, author and rock icon’s last tour, screened to rapturous applause and much audience participation and fans sang, danced and shouted words of encouragement at the screen. 


Image Via Paste Magazine

Image Via Paste Magazine


When the film ended, the screen rose to reveal Smith and her band, consisting of Lenny Kaye, Tony Shanahan, Smith’s son Jackson Smith, and Jay Dee Daugherty, singing her classic hit Dancing Barefoot


Between songs, Smith saluted the Parkland five, saying “We have to be with them. Pray with them, march with them. Their cause is our cause. Their cause is our future,” and later welcomed none other than Bruce Springsteen to the stage for anthems Because the Night and People Have the Power. Her daughter Jesse Paris Smith joined the band on piano, while REM’s Michael Stipe appeared on stage, and proceeded to do a strange little dance for the remainder of the performance. 



In September of last year, Smith launched the Brooklyn Book Festival at St Anne’s Church, and her own newest publication Devotion with a signing at Barnes and Noble Union Square, as well as performing a memorial concert for her late husband Fred Sonic Smith in Central Park. 


Featured Image Via Vulture.