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Authors Team Up to Raise 280,000 for Syrian Refugees

Patrick Ness is an award-winning young adult author who is best known for books like The Rest of Us Just Live Here; but, he did some of his most important work ever yesterday in 140-character chunks. Ness took to Twitter to try and help Syrian refugees, and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

It all started with this tweet, where Ness offered to match donations up to £10,000 (more than $15,000 US):

Pretty soon, though, Ness wasn’t alone. John Green, the popular author of The Fault in Our Stars, stepped up to match the next £10,000 raised. Derek Landy, the author of Skulduggery Pleasant, matched a further £10,000.

Ness was ecstatic, and he thanked everyone – but this was premature, as donations and offers to match just kept rolling in!

Hank Green (John Green’s brother) joined in, as did Jenny Han and a contingent of American young adult authors.

Some authors offered a different kind of support, like Maureen Johnson, who was handing out “custom nicknames” to those who donated:

The results are incredible. At this time, Ness’ fund has hit £280,000 and it’s still growing. That’s over $425,000 US!

If you want to give, click here to check out Ness’ donation page!

Main image: Patrick Ness, courtesy of http://bit.ly/1QerTNA