5 Must-Read World War II Novels for D-Day

To remember how D-Day impacted the world we live in today, we are giving you five must-read historical fiction books set in during World War II.

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10 Fitzgerald Facts on His 124th Birthday

In honor of the author of four phenomenal novels, one unfinished gem of a novel, and over 150 short stories, we celebrate F. Scott Fitzgerald's Birthday with ten facts about him. Read to learn more about one of history's greatest writers!

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‘Bringing Up Bebe’ Finds Its Star In Anne Hathaway

Actress Anne Hathaway’s next movie is an adaptation of the book Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting by author Pamela Druckerman. 

Druckerman’s autobiography is also published in the United Kingdom with the name French Children Don’t Throw Food. The story is about an American woman who works as a journalist. It followed her raising a new family in Paris.


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She has to relocate due to her husband’s job, and as she struggles to balance her work life and her family life, she discovers how her french neighbors raise their seemingly perfect children. However, she also discovers that everybody has their own problems, no matter how perfect they seem to be. 


Jamie Minoprio and Jonathan Stern have written the first draft of the adaptation, and StudioCanal is set to finance the movie. Also attached to this new film adaptation, is production company Blueprint Pictures.

If you can’t wait for another Anne Hathaway movie, you can watch her in The Last Thing He Wanted, a Netflix film by Dee Rees. 

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