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Kids and Adults Will Enjoy This Comic Book ‘School’

Do you like comics?  Superheroes?  What if I told you DC is releasing activities each weekday for kids to do (and maybe for adults who are interested too)?  As we mentioned a few weeks ago, DC announced their exciting kids camp, and business is booming for all superheroes involved! The @DCComicsKids Twitter account is posting a large variety of activities on their page to appeal to everyone who wants to do them or is currently engaged in them.  So far everything from how superhero universe characters are drawn, to playlists, arts and crafts, script writing, puzzles, or science experiments.



The centerpiece of this project is the DC Comics Kid’s Camp, which has an interactive video series hosted by DCComicsKids graphic novel writers and artists!  Their videos go up every weekday at 1PM EST or 10AM PST.  Each video teaches young viewers skills that they may have as writers and artists, and the hosts go through their activities step by step.


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Each video has been under ten minutes and each host pauses from time to time to make sure any children watching can keep up with the activity.  They make some jokes and each host has their own personality that is engaging in their own way.  The videos were amusing and informative and I think that both kids and their parents will love them, especially if you all love superhero-related stuff.


image via dc comics on twitter


Some of the creators left their footage unedited to show that they too make mistakes, but even more important, how to fix them.  This demonstrates that learning a new skill is a process that takes time, and even if you are experienced in something that doesn’t mean you won’t make any mistakes.  It’s a nice lesson that is apparent in all of these videos.  What’s also cool is that various artists use different ways to draw their characters in their videos.  Some use a pen or pencil and paper, while others use an iPad.  It goes a long way to show the variance among artists and that there’s no one way to create art.



Here are some tweets from @DCComicsKids that show the kinds of activities they are posting every weekday.  If you want to check out more, head to their twitter page linked above.



featured image via dc comics on twitter


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The Deepest Children’s Book Guaranteed to Make You Emotional

Though children’s books can be simple in context, the messages they leave behind are often times quite powerful. When we read them as children, they usually have no deeper meaning to us, because at that stage in our life our emotions have not blossomed. There are a few books, however, that resonate so deeply as we take a step into adulthood. In fact, the sheer truth that lies within them can prove to be quite depressing. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a pure example.


Image Via Medium

The book follows a female apple tree and a boy, who develop a relationship with each other. The tree is very “giving” and the boy evolves from a naive kid who merely wants to play, into a “taking” teenager, man, then elderly man.


the stages of life

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Through each stage of the boy’s life, he takes more and more from the tree to support his life, from her branches, to her apples, and finally her trunk. Throughout each stage she remains happy, despite losing so much, because she is sacrificing for the happiness of the boy.



This story is the embodiment of unconditional love. The tree was happy without her leaves, without her branches and even without her trunk. It did not matter what the boy did, as long as she could still give and make him happy, she would remain happy. His selfishness did not affect her, she was only made happy by her ability to provide him what he wanted or needed. Like a parent, the tree is happy to help in any way she can because she always sees him as her kid, or her “boy”.


Grandparents and children

Image Via New York Post


I actually believe that this story is more suitable for adults, who need to be reminded of greed and selfishness. It teaches us not to take anything for granted, and to be aware of everyone’s worth. It is a beautiful book that you absolutely need to revisit.




Featured Image Via Desiring God