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Pedro Almodovar Adapts Lucia Berlin Short Story

Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish filmmaker who directed Pain and Glory, is now working on a short film adapted from Lucia Berlin’s “A Manual for Cleaning Women.”  Almodovar had previously spoken about Berlin’s work to Vulture and how much he admires the author for it.

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Lucia Berlin tells 43 short stories of situations that occur in everyday life. The collection of her stories involves laundromats, halfway houses of the American Southwest, houses in the Bay Area of the upper class, as well as struggling mothers, hitchhikers, bad Christians and more.

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Almodovar will only be adapting five out of the 43 stories in Berlin’s novel. These five stories will take place in Texas, Oakland, and Mexico. There will also be a mixture of English and Spanish as well.

There does not seem to be a set date for the film to be released as of now, or when production will start. In the meantime, you can enjoy all 43 of Lucia Berlin’s short stories in A Manual for Cleaning Women.


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