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Overdue Library Book Returned 73 Years Late

Any book lover can relate to having to return an overdue library book. But one woman might have missed her deadline by a bit much.

Mora Gregg, a retired librarian from Toronto, discovered an old copy of the 1929 novel The Postman hidden within the bookshelf of her apartment while she was cleaning one day. When she looked inside, she discovered that she had checked it out in 1946 when she was just a toddler. It was a book that Gregg read her whole childhood, one that she and her family took with her when they moved from to Canada.


Mora Gregg. Image Via The Washington Post

Gregg returned to the Silver Spring Library in Maryland to return the book. Much to her surprise, the library does not charge overdue fees on children’s books.

The library has not decided what they are going to do with the old copy, but they have stated that they might display the book in some fashion. Gregg has stated that if she wants to read the book again, she’ll go back to Silver Spring and check it out again.




Featured Image Via Montgomery Community Media