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V. E. Schwab’s ‘The Near Witch’ to Be Re-Released in 2019

Since her first publication in 2011, V. E. Schwab has carved a name for herself in the fantasy genre. The best-selling author has a few well-known works under her belt such as Vicious (2013), Shades of Magic series (2015) and now her newly published novel Vengeful (2018). Vengeful has taken its place on the New York Time best-seller list for hardcover fiction. The Near Witch had been out of print for quite some time, but it will be making its comeback in both the U.S and U.K on March 12, 2019.



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The Near Witch, Schwab’s debut novel, is a mixture of romance and fantasy. Titan Books, who will be bringing the book back into circulation, are including an original introduction by the author herself along with her short story, The Ash-Born Baby. The Near Witch is about a fairy tale told that frightens children, however, in the town of Near, strange things begin to occur. Children have gone missing; a boy of smoke appears outside of the home of the protagonist and a hunt begins to track down the missing children and unravel the mysteries of the witch and the boy made of smoke. Judging by her current works and what great reads they are, I can’t wait to read her debut novel. Until it comes out next year, I recommend you pick up some her newest novel, you won’t be disappointed!





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‘Johns Hopkins University’ Raising Out-Of-Print Books from the Dead

In 2016, John’s Hopkins University Press received a $938,000 grant courtesy of The Andrew Mellon Foundation, which allowed them the funds to continue building an Open Access (OA) platform for monographs in humanities and social sciences. 


This was all part of MUSE Open, a non-profit organization aimed at making scholarly texts, journals, articles, and more readily accessible. The organization was founded in 1995 and, in the past twenty-three years, has teamed up with nearly 300 publishers to make works from all categories available online.



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This is vital because people who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to read and learn from these texts have been given a platform to do exactly that.


In April, Johns Hopkins received another grant for $200,000 from both The Andrew Mellon Foundation and The National Endowment for the Humanities which will allow them to take over 200 out-of-print works and release them back into the world via MUSE.


Expanding their database to include texts that were previously out-of-print will give these books new life and allow them to be seen again for the first time in years.


Johns Hopkins has taken the lead on this, but maybe in the future we’ll see more out-of-print works raised from the dead, along with other Open Access platforms making texts accessible for all!





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As If Further Justification Were Needed, Buying Harry Potter Merch This Week Will Benefit Charity

It’s National Library Week, y’all. You know what that means? Apart from the fact that you should patronize your library more than ever, it means that Out of Print clothing and The Harry Potter Alliance are partnering for what Hello Giggles is reporting as their annual Accio Books campaign. This year, they’re sending thousands upon thousands of books to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico.


How can you help? Well, 10% of profits from Out of Print‘s sales of Harry Potter items during National Library Week will go towards the Accio Books campaign. 


Out of Print has an absolutely magical line of Harry Potter merch that is covetable to the extreme any week of the year, so why not take the opportunity to indulge yourself and help bring books to the children of Puerto Rico?


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Get on this! 



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