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Shyamalan’s New Movie, ‘Old,’ Coming in 2021

Filmmaker, M. Knight Shyamalan, known for spine-tingling horror films such as 'Signs', 'The Sixth Sense', and 'The Village', is in production for his next film, 'Old'.

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Because Harry Potter Fans Are Getting Old, We Can Now Take a Potter-Themed Cruise

Hey everyone. Since it’s the twenty year anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter book (and the beginning of all of our actual lives), what better way to celebrate the fact that we are now all ancient than by taking a Harry Potter cruise? 


The cruise lasts for a week and is run by a luxury barge company called Barge Lady Cruises. Yeah, it’s not going to be on a cruise ship. It’ll be on a barge. So a little less like this: 



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And a little more like this: 



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The cruise will begin running this coming August, and will make stops at various Harry Potter locations such as Virginia Water, where Harry meets Buckbeak the Hippogriff for the first time, and Picket Post Close, the setting for Privet Drive, as well as Warner Bros. Studios in Watford, outside London.


Naturally, being old means you are also rich, and the price of $4,190 per person will mean little to you. 


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