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Epic New Fantasy Novels

Welcome to your weekly guide on the best new books to read for the week. These brand new fantasy novels are amazing and ready to take you on a trip of a lifetime. So go ahead and get your hands on these books.


1. How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories by Holly Black

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How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, is an illustrated story that is apart of the Folk of Air trilogy. It tells the tales of Elfhame King Carden, before the Cruel Prince, during the Cruel Prince and after the trilogy ended. All from the perspective of King Carden himself.

2. Spellbreaker by Charlie N. Holmberg

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Spellbreaker, tells the tale of Elsie Camden, who was born with the ability to break enchantments. She learned early on that there is a difference between her, and the others who pay for the powers to cast spells. However, since she is unliscensed, it is a crime for Elsie to use her magic, but she does anyway, and she uses it for good. She’s like a magical robin hood. That is until, Bacchus Kelsey, an elite magic user catches Elsie in the act, and in order to keep her secret Elsie has agreed to fix spells all over his estate. As the two work together, Elsie not only begins to trust him but she also starts to fall in love with him. Unfortunately, there is a rise in murder and in theft of spellbooks. Now, Elsie must learn more about her family, her powers, and Bacchus before it’s too late and she will lose everything she loves.

3. The Awakening by Nora Roberts

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The Awakening, tells the tale of Breen Kelly, who was told magical tales as a child by her father. Now, Breen is in her twenties and is swimming in debt. Then, Breen learns her mom has been hiding a secret investment account in her name,  that her father has funded, with over four million dollars in it. Now, Breen can take that trip to Ireland she’s been dreaming of. However, Breen doesn’t know that her trip to Ireland is about to unlock secrets she never imagined. She will soon learn why she kept seeing a silver haired man, and why she kept hearing his voice telling her to come home. Breen, will learn where her truth destiny lies and that’s a through a portal in Galway, to a land of mermaids and faeries, and also to a man named Keegan. She will be guided by her heart to her own dangerous destiny.

4. A Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova

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A Deal with the Elf King, is about nineteen year old Luella, who thought she escaped the mark of death from the Elf King. For centuries the Elves have taken people from her village to be their human queen, and Luella, thought she escaped the mark by dedicating her life to herbology and becoming the town healer, but unfortunately, the Elf King comes for her. Luella, soon learns that everything about her life is a lie and now she is forced to be a queen in a land of wild magic to cold but handsome elf king. She sees that the world is dying and she is the one who can save it. Her home, and the people pull on her heart strings but the true thing that will break Luella is a passion she never asked for.

5. The Ickabog by JK Rowling

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The Ickabog, tells the tale of two best friends, Bert and Daisy who go on a journey to bring happiness back to Cornucopia. Cornucopia is rich in happiness and food, but despite the happiness a monster still lurks within the kingdom. Some say its just a myth, while others believe it spits fire and posion, and it takes children and sheep. Bert and Daisy go on a trip to find out the truth about the monster, so they can bring happiness back to Cornucopia.

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Nora Roberts’/J.D. Robb’s Fiftieth ‘In Death’ Novel to Hit Shelves

International bestselling author Nora Roberts’ pseudonym J.D. Robb’s In Death series has been going strong since 1995, and right now the book number fifty is coming out soon.


Books 1-30 of the In Death Series

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Back in 1995, the year 2058 seemed far off and author Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, took advantage fo this fact, setting her murder mystery novel Naked in Death in this distant time. It follows tough, damaged cop Lieutenant Eve Dallas, as she investigates the main suspect in the death of a high-profile sex worker, the enigmatic Irish businessman, Roarke.


First 12 books of the In Death Series

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Initially planned as a trilogy, the third book Immortal in Death was published in July of 1996. And that was that.

Until it wasn’t, and in October of that same year Rapture in Death was published. The series was a New York Times bestselling powerhouse, so why stop?

Even crazier is that it wasn’t until 2001, the same year the fifteenth book in the series, Seduction in Death, was published that the Robb’s identity was revealed.  The reveal must have been shocking, since Nora Roberts had already made a name for herself as a romance writer.

Today Nora Roberts is still going strong with the series. Explaining why it’s run so long, she told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive

“By the time the third book went to press, I didn’t want to let go, to say goodbye to these people or their world. When my publisher expressed an interest in more, I jumped at the chance.”


Golden in Death

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Right now Entertainment Weekly reports that on February 4th, 2020, the fiftieth book in the series, Golden in Death, will hit the shelves.

Repeat, book fifty of the In Death series is coming.

Who’s read the other forty-nine books? I’ve read…one of them. It was great.


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400 Million Copy Bestseller Nora Roberts Sues for Plagiarism

One of the world’s bestselling authors, romance novelist Nora Roberts is suing Brazillian author Cristiane Serruya for plagiarism, seeking up to $25,000 in damages.


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Left: Nora Roberts, Right: Cristiane Serruya | Image via Jornal O Global



According to a US News article, the lawsuit began on April 24th and Robert’s allegations were reported Rio De Janiero’s morning papers. Roberts’ case calls Serruya’s romance novels “a literary patchwork, piecing together phrases whose form portrays emotions practically identical to those expressed in the [Roberts’] books.”

Roberts also stated:

“If you plagiarize, I will come for you. If you take my work, you will pay for it and I will do my best to see you don’t write again.”


Nora Roberts wants to turn the situation around by donating any proceeds to Brazilian Literary organizations. Hopefully that will help spread more original writing and creativity.

On the subject of plagiarism, Roberts made a post on her blog entitled Not A Rant, But A Promise. This post revealed extensive research Roberts has done on the organized system of plagiarized books. We may not see it, but it happens on a “professional” level every day, with teams put together to hire cheap ghost writers and even tutors to teach writers how to scam the system.

If Serruya is proven guilty, her lawyer Saulo Daniel Lopez says that “[she] could be forced to pay from the proceeds of her books”. Cristiane Serruya has defended herself against Roberts’ allegations, stating that she is using software to analyze her books. She stated:


My books are big. In a book of 120,000 words it’s difficult to know how many supposedly came from a work of Nora Roberts.


Unfortunately for Serruya, she already has an alleged reputation as a plagiarist. According to US News:


Serruya has faced allegations from several other writers and even inspired the Twitter hashtag #CopyPasteCris. In February, author Courtney Milan titled a blog posting “Cristiane Serruya is a copyright infringer, a plagiarist, and an idiot,” and cited numerous passages from Serruya’s “Royal Love” that closely resembled Milan’s “The Duchess War.”


So far things do not look like they are in Serruya’s favor, but in the end, if Roberts wins, hopefully the money is put to good use.


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