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9 Cozy Reading Nooks to Dream About

If you need something to get your mind off your current quarantine situation, here are nine cozy reading nooks to dream about and take your mind off of things.


1. Sunny treehouse nook

What could be better than reading in a sunny tree-top nook surrounded by tons of luscious foliage.


image via bored panda


2. Seaside nook

There’s no better pastime than reading by the ocean.


image via perivolas hideaway


3. Harry potter-esque nook 

Maybe the Dursley’s had it right after all. What better place for a cozy nook than tucked underneath a staircase?


image via jwt associates 



4. Airy Loft Nook

If the idea of a nook tucked underneath a staircase has you feeling too cramped, then try a nice, airy loft nook.


image via bored panda


5. Fairy Light Nook

Make a cozy nook, even cozier by adding fairy lights (and lots of blankets!).


image via bored panda


6. Cave Nook

Maybe the cavemen were on to something…


image via margaret 



7. Rooftop nook

Who says your reading nook has to be indoors?


image via jesbaker


8. curtain nook

Enclose your nook with a set of curtains for when you need to shut out the world to finish that novel you’ve been trying to get through.


image via bored panda


9. hammock nook 

Take your nook to the next level, by adding a hammock to make reading time even comfier!


image via bored panda


Featured Image via Home Advisor


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