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Harry Potter Tour Buses Offering Free Transport for NHS Staff

Harry Potter tour buses that are normally used to bring fans to film studio tours are now being used to provide free transport for the UK’s National Health Service Workers.  The National Health Service provides health care for all UK citizens based on medical need rather than their ability to pay for it. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak their workforce has been depleted while the demand is higher. 

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Paul da Gama, of West Herts Hospital NHS Trust, commented that, 

 “Our workforce has been depleted due to sickness of self-isolation and so it’s really important that those staff are well but have transport issues can come back. They will have a warm welcome and will be able to practice social distancing” 

With the Leavesden studios, where an abundant amount of the Harry Potter filming took place, closed due to COVID-19, instead of the buses waiting for their fans to come back, a decision was made to use them for free transportation for health care workers. 


image via Goldentours

A spokesperson for Warner Bros Studios Leavesden said they were, “delighted to play a part in supporting our local NHS in its time of need. We couldn’t think of a better way to use the buses at this time” 

The free service runs hourly between the trust’s three sites, starting at 6:10 A.M. and ending at 10:40 P.M. The NHS now can focus more on caring for their patients and less about how to get to work through transportation difficulties. 

It is inspiring to see how the Wizarding World is helping Health Care providers get to work, where they are working overtime and exposing themselves to take care of patients. So, with much gratitude, thank you NHS workers and bus drivers for helping us get through this scary time. We are inspired by your care and love for humanity. And if we learned anything from Harry Potter, it’s that the greatest magic of all is love.

featured image via GMA Network

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