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NBA Legend’s Latest Children’s Book

Are you looking for books that you can read to your child?  Look no further!  I’m here to show you another book designed to inspire and motivate your kids. LeBron James has written a book titled I Promise, set to publish this coming August.


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While it will be a while before you can get your hands on it, you should still keep it in your shopping cart. In a press release, LeBron James said that “books have the ability to teach, inspire, and bring people together. That’s why these books, and the opportunity to get children and parents reading together, mean so much to me.” James says that his book is powerful because it’s a story that was made so that any child can see themselves in it. What a great message for kids!



The book encourages kids to be the best version of themselves through action. One page has a child speaking up and fighting for something through a megaphone. Another features a child dreaming big and becoming a team player. I think this material is something any kid will need as they grow and find their footing in the world. Books like this encourage them to be themselves and to do great work.


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James is a devout reader himself, which stems from his childhood. He states:

I used to be like one of the only kids in school who used to read newspapers.  I would read ‘Sports Illustrated’ all the way through.  I would read the articles. I would read all the articles. I wouldn’t just look at the photos. And I would rent out books, too, at the library in downtown Akron. I would read basketball encyclopedia books, just trying to learn the history.



There’s no way to buy or even pre order James’ book right now, so if you’re interested, you should keep a note to check back for any pre order dates!


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YA Authors Reimagine Classic Poe Stories in New Collection

If you’re a fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short stories, I’ve got good news for you. Thirteen highly celebrated YA authors have reimagined classic Poe stories in His Hideous Heart, a new collection edited by Dahlia Adler. Though Poe lived nearly two centuries ago, these reimaginings translate his tales into the modern age. And His Hideous Heart just came out today!


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Here’s the lineup you can expect when you crack open a copy:

Dahlia Adler (reimagining “Ligeia”), Kendare Blake (“Metzengerstein”), Rin Chupeco (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”), Lamar Giles (“The Oval Portrait”), Tessa Gratton (“Annabel Lee”), Tiffany D. Jackson (“The Cask of Amontillado”), Stephanie Kuehn (“The Tell-Tale Heart”), Emily Lloyd-Jones (“The Purloined Letter”), Amanda Lovelace (“The Raven”), Hillary Monahan (“The Masque of the Red Death”), Marieke Nijkamp (“Hop-Frog”), Caleb Roehrig (“The Pit and the Pendulum”), and Fran Wilde (“The Fall of the House of Usher”).



His Hideous Heart has already been getting some great reviews from all around the literary world. Publisher’s Weekly writes:

A refreshing assortment of diverse voices and contemporary themes ensures there’s something for everyone in this delightful compilation.

And Beth Revis, author of Give the Dark My Love and Star Wars: Rebel Rising raves:

Heartbreaking, thrilling, gruesome, and gorgeous: these stories will delight longtimePoe fans just as much as readers who haven’t read the classics.

As spooky season approaches, it’s definitely a must-have for any Poe fan. And any YA fan should definitely it have on their radar.


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“Wheelchairs aren’t scary,” NJ Resident Writes in New Book

A resident of Wayne, New Jersey, is doing his part to help children with the power of reading. According to Norfolk Daily News, the man is Zach Jorgensen, a 22 year old resident of Wayne who is a graphic designer, author, motivational speaker, vlogger, and hip hop artist. Zach has published a picture book, intending to show kids that wheelchairs aren’t scary.

The subject is important to Jorgensen, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is a genetic mutation that prevents the body from producing a specific protein muscles need to work properly. He requires a wheelchair for obvious reasons but is often upset at how children view his disability, saying:

“Throughout my whole life of being in a wheelchair, I have noticed that children are scared of my wheelchair. Some would even cry and try to hide from me.”



Image via Northfolk Daily news


His new book, Wheelchairs Aren’t Scaryis intended to help inform kids that, well, wheelchairs aren’t something to be afraid of. The book will showcase to kids that people with wheelchairs are just like you and me, they just move a little differently.

Jorgensen did research to see what publishing entailed before he wrote the book, which he intends to self-publish through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. The book is to be targeted towards 3-8 year olds, who are often the most uneasy around wheelchairs or other handicapped people. For his part, Jorgensen hopes the book is a fun learning experience and gets kids to be much more comfortable around wheelchairs.

The book will release on Amazon on August 12th. Go and pick yourself up a copy! This should surely be a fun education opportunity, for kids and maybe even some adults.



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Julia Alvarez Is Back With Her Newest Novel ‘Afterlife’

Author and poet Julia Alvarez has revealed that her next novel will release in April 2020, and we have a title and plot description.


Julia Alvarez

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Afterlife will tell the story of Antonia Vega, an immigrant writer dealing with the death of her husband and the disappearance of her sister. Her world becomes more complicated when she meets a pregnant, undocumented immigrant girl and must deal with the fallout of letting her into her home.



The novel will be released by the publisher Algonquin Books, who are thrilled for the book. In a press release, Algonquin expressed their excitement over getting to publish Alvarez’s next work saying, “In this book, as in all Julia’s work, the individual lives she creates reveal how culture and politics impact ordinary people.”

Alvarez shared the same excitement by disclosing her feelings on her great relationship with the publisher. “I’m deeply gratified that the book’s publication allows me to continue my long and happy relationship with Algonquin.”



This will be Alvarez’s first novel since 2006. Afterlife is available for pre-order now here.



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Marvel Releases New ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer and Fans Are Getting Excited

Tom Holland recently posted a new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home on his Instagram and now fans are even more excited for the highly anticipated film set to be released on July 5th, 2019.





Hours before the release of the trailer, Holland did a live screening on Instagram and interacted with fans who love him just as much as we do.





Jake Gyllenhaal, a new member to the Marvel family, makes his debut as Mysterio! He posted the trailer on his Instagram as well causing another wave of thrills and joy for the fans.





It’s nice to see Spider-Man visible and ‘solid’ again. Hopefully, we see him stay that way in the next Infinity War movie!



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