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‘A Promised Land’: The Memoir that Took Publishing by Storm

A Promised Land is the first of former President Barack Obama's two presidential volumes. This highly anticipated novel has been, so far, named one of the 10 best books of the year, by The New York Times Book Review, and a Washington Post Notable Book. But, other than the high praise it has received so far, it's also managed to sell 887,000 copies on the first day of publication, breaking records for publishing powerhouse, Penguin Random House.

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New Thrillers to Read for Thanksgiving Week!

It's thanksgiving week and a great time to read some thriller novels. Enjoy some nice thanksgiving leftovers with these new novels that will keep you reading until you've reached the last page.

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9 New Books to Read in March

Looking for something new to read this month? Look no further than these nine new novels set for release throughout the coming weeks!

1. The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz 

Inspired by Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding dress, this novel tells the story of how this special dress plays a role in the lives of different women. From an orphan who created the dress itself in 1958, all the way to a powerful CEO in 2020 who plans to wear the garment for her upcoming wedding, this dress has touched the lives of many different women over the years. The Grace Kelly Dress is set to be released on March 3.


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2. Separation anxiety by laura zigman

After finding her son’s old baby sling in the basement one day, Judy decides to put her dog into it. Amid a stale career, sick best friend, and a loveless marriage, Judy finds comfort in wearing her dog across her chest. Separation Anxiety is Laura Zigman’s anticipated return to fiction and this hilarious, moving novel is well worth the wait. Separation Anxiety is out March 3. 


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3. Anna K: A Love Story by jenny lee

A modern re-telling of the classic Anna Karenina, Anna K follows the story of seventeen-year old New York socialite, Anna. However, after she meets Alexia “Count” Vronsky, her whole life is changed. Anna K: A Love Story is out March 3.


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4. Woman on the edge by samantha bailey

Already a bestseller in Canada, Samantha Bailey’s thrilling debut novel tells the story of a subway suicide, an abandoned baby, and the consequential murder investigation that ensues. The story follows Morgan Kincaid as she tries to understand this freak incident and the investigation of her as a suspect for murder. Woman on the Edge is out in the U.S. on March 3.


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5. A phoenix first must burn edited by Patrice caldwell

Dubbed the Lemonade for a teen audience, A Phoenix First Must Burn: Sixteen Stories of Black Girl Magic, Resistance, and Hope is a collection of stories centered around black women and gender nonconforming individuals. This collection of stories features many different genres, including fantasy, science fiction, and folklore and features popular authors Elizabeth Acevedo and Ibi Zoboi. This YA collection is for everyone, not just teens! It releases on March 10. 


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6. Untamed by glennon doyle 

From Glennon Doyle, Untamed is a story about how to be your best, untamed self. It candidly follows Doyle as she falls in love with a woman while on tour for her bestselling memoir, which is centered around repairing her marriage. Through her personal stories, Doyle teaches us how we can go back to the person we once were. Set for release March 10.


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7. the mountains sing by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai

Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai’s debut novel, The Mountains Sing, follows the Trần family through four generations. Throughout the story, readers see the toll history takes on the family as they do what is needed in order to survive. This novel is out March 17.


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8. wow, no thank you: Essays by samantha irby

Fans of Samantha Irby’s memoirs, essays, or blog will love her newest essay collection titled, Wow, No Thank You. This essay collection is a hilarious, no-holding-back, look at life that will have you laughing out loud and shaking your head in agreement. Pick up this book when life has you saying, “Wow, no thank you!” Set for release on March 31.


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9. it’s not all downhill from here by terry mcmillian

From New York Times best selling author Terry McMillian, It’s Not All Downhill from Here tells the story of sixty-eight year old Loretha Curry. Loretha has a great life with a successful store, loving husband, and wonderful group of friends. But when an unexpected tragedy rocks her world, she has to determine if life really is downhill from there. This novel is out March 31.


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2020’s Most Exciting Thrillers

As the New Year approaches, it is easy for people to throw away essentials. We live by the phrase, ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ Publishing companies are prepared to present us with this, as the new thrillers have proven to show.  These five novels will scare you straight into the new year!


The Night Watchman

Image Via Amazon

A jewel bearing, plant night watchman, Thomas Wazhashk, is a member of the Chippewa Council. The council is in heed of a discussion on the new ‘emancipation’ bill, on its way to the United States Congress. It is 1953 and the council members are aware that the bill has no intention of granting freedom, but rather terminates the rights and identities of Native Americans. With government plans in place, Native American treaties will be broken.


The Glass Hotel: A Novel

Image Via Goodreads

Vincent is a bartender at the Hotel Caiette, a five-star hotel on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island. One night, Vincent is met by a hooded figure who scrawls a message on the lobby’s glass wall: “Why don’t you swallow broken glass.” The shipping executive, Leon Prevant, reads the message and orders a drink. Alkatis, the owner of the hotel, reads the threat unaware that it was meant for him. Alkatis gives Vincent a hundred-dollar tip and a business card, and they reunite a year later.


American Dirt: A Novel

Image Via MacMillan Publishers

In the Mexican city of Acapulco, Lydia, a bookstore owner, lives with her son, and the love her life. Though the cracks of Acapulco are beginning to show through the forming of the drug cartels, Lydia’s life remains comfortable. One day, a man enters her shop, bringing four books to the counter, two of which are her favorites. Javier, although charming, is the jefe of the newest drug cartel. Lydia finds herself charmed by his presence, but once her husband figures out Javier’s lifestyle, their lives will turn upside down.


Long Bright River

Image Via Amazon

Two sisters from Philadelphia were once close as… sisters? Once the opioid crisis hit, their lives completely changed. Kacey lives on the streets in the depth of addiction. Mickey finds herself walking the same blocks on her police beat. The two no longer speak. Mickey finds herself in worry when she realizes that Kacey has gone missing. Becoming obsessed with finding the culprit for this and other murders, Mickey determines to find her sister before it’s too late.


The Other Mrs.

Image Via Amazon

Sadie and Will Foust just moved their family from Chicago to a small town in Maine. Their neighbor, Morgan Baines, is found dead in her home. The island is stricken with fear, but Sadie continues to worry that the killer is in her own backyard.  After inheriting their new home, due to the sudden death of Will’s sister, Sadie finds herself in distress over the decrepit décor and creepy attic. The troubling past, as the blurb states, “continues to wear at the seams of their family”, keeping everyone suspicious of who this murderer could be.

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Rediscover Your Childhood Favorite ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ With This Unmissable Special Collector’s Edition

There are some books that inspire us, some that intrigue, and there are others that stay with us for years!


Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time has been exactly that for so many young readers and adults alike! L’Engle’s novel challenged what the industry thought of children’s entertainment and even paved the way for young adult novels, like the Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series.


Image Via Farrar, Strous & Giroux


This November the Library of America is celebrating L’Engle’s sci-fi fantasy epic with a specially edited two volume collection of all the books from the series for the first time ever!

The two volume set is being called Madeline L’Engle: The Kairos Novels.



Image Via The Library of America


Included in this collection are never-before-seen deleted passages along with essays and addresses that shed light on L’Engle’s inspiration and demonstrate her wide-ranging intellectual curiosity. 

In an interview with Library of America, editor Leonard S. Marcus paints us a picture of how diverse and broad Madeline L’Engle’s interests were.


…she was a quester by nature and turned to books about astrophysics and molecular biology as well as theology in search of a unified theory of what she called the “real reality.” Although she was known for her longtime association with the Episcopal Church and took great pride in her role as writer in residence at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, L’Engle always left the door ajar for doubt. She kept a porcelain Buddha on her cathedral library desk as a reminder that no one group had all the answers.



Photograph of Madeline L'Engle

Madeline L’Engle | Image Via Crosswicks Ltd.


You can definitely see these influences throughout her writing. Her work came at a time when the trend for storytelling in America was solely about bringing out realistic qualities and representing life as it truly is. 

Sounds pretty bland when used repeatedly, but with L’Engle balancing the trend of realism with the imagination of fantasy, the trend shifted! Thus, it created a place for this world of fantasy that we see and love today!


Another addition to the collection is the new edits that pay homage to the original writing.


A book that has been reissued in numerous editions over more than half a century is bound at a minimum to have morphed in small, subtle ways. The LOA edition restores the text as first published in 1962

– Leonard S. Marcus, editor for Madeline L’Engle: The Kairos Novels



We’re so over the moon that Madeline L’Engle published A Wrinkle In Time, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on Madeline L’Engle: The Kairos Novels. 


The two volume collector’s edition will be officially published November 29th, just in time to celebrate what would be Madeline L’Engle’s 100th birthday.



Featured Image Via Disney