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Rediscover Your Childhood Favorite ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ With This Unmissable Special Collector’s Edition

There are some books that inspire us, some that intrigue, and there are others that stay with us for years!


Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time has been exactly that for so many young readers and adults alike! L’Engle’s novel challenged what the industry thought of children’s entertainment and even paved the way for young adult novels, like the Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series.


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This November the Library of America is celebrating L’Engle’s sci-fi fantasy epic with a specially edited two volume collection of all the books from the series for the first time ever!

The two volume set is being called Madeline L’Engle: The Kairos Novels.



Image Via The Library of America


Included in this collection are never-before-seen deleted passages along with essays and addresses that shed light on L’Engle’s inspiration and demonstrate her wide-ranging intellectual curiosity. 

In an interview with Library of America, editor Leonard S. Marcus paints us a picture of how diverse and broad Madeline L’Engle’s interests were.


…she was a quester by nature and turned to books about astrophysics and molecular biology as well as theology in search of a unified theory of what she called the “real reality.” Although she was known for her longtime association with the Episcopal Church and took great pride in her role as writer in residence at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, L’Engle always left the door ajar for doubt. She kept a porcelain Buddha on her cathedral library desk as a reminder that no one group had all the answers.



Photograph of Madeline L'Engle

Madeline L’Engle | Image Via Crosswicks Ltd.


You can definitely see these influences throughout her writing. Her work came at a time when the trend for storytelling in America was solely about bringing out realistic qualities and representing life as it truly is. 

Sounds pretty bland when used repeatedly, but with L’Engle balancing the trend of realism with the imagination of fantasy, the trend shifted! Thus, it created a place for this world of fantasy that we see and love today!


Another addition to the collection is the new edits that pay homage to the original writing.


A book that has been reissued in numerous editions over more than half a century is bound at a minimum to have morphed in small, subtle ways. The LOA edition restores the text as first published in 1962

– Leonard S. Marcus, editor for Madeline L’Engle: The Kairos Novels



We’re so over the moon that Madeline L’Engle published A Wrinkle In Time, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on Madeline L’Engle: The Kairos Novels. 


The two volume collector’s edition will be officially published November 29th, just in time to celebrate what would be Madeline L’Engle’s 100th birthday.



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Lin Manuel Miranda, Roxane Gay and Many More to Write for America Ferrera’s New Anthology

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star America Ferrera has gathered the ultimate group of writers and culture icons to write for her new anthology, American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures. The collection of essays is set to be released this fall from Simon and Schuster and will feature essays from prominent activists and immigrants including Uzo Aduba, Roxane Gay, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Michelle Kwan, and Aluli’i Carvalho just to name a few.  



Image Via Simon and Schuster 


Ferrera has become an important political activist, fighting for the right of women, Latinx people, and immigrants, making her anthology timely. A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the nonprofit Immigrants: We Get The Job Done Coalition, which provides legal support to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.


American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between cultures is set to be released September 25, 2018 and is now available for preorder


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priyanka in all her gorgeous glory

‘Quantico’s’ Priyanka Chopra Publishing Memoir

Priyanka Chopra is best known as an actress, singer, film producer, and philanthropist, but now she can add author to that list. The Quantico star took to Instagram this morning to announce her memoir, Unfinished



The feeling of checking something off your “bucket list” gives you an indescribable sense of accomplishment…and that’s where I am in this moment. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but the timing never felt right. With each opportunity that presented itself, my first instinct was always to wait…because I wasn’t (and I’m still not) finished. I wanted to do more, live more, and achieve more, before putting pen to paper and exposing things I’ve always kept private to the world. But looking back on my life as a public person, I’m super proud of what I’ve done and where my life is right now. I’ve realized you don’t have to be finished to tell your story, and that sometimes life’s greatest lessons are taught along the ride…when you’re still figuring things out…when you’re #unfinished. So glad to be starting a new chapter (literally) with the amazing teams at Penguin Random House in the US, India, and around the world. If I can…anyone can @penguinusa @penguinindia . ? Credit: Sebastian Kim x Vanity Fair

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Penguin Random House India, which will publish the book along with divisions in the United States and Britain, said: “We are committed to publishing strong female role models, and are immensely proud of having Priyanka Chopra on that list.”


Describing it as something that’s been on her bucket list, Chopra’s book will consist of personal essays, stories, and observations. When speaking about her upcoming memoir, Chopra said:

I was raised to be fearless when it came to opinions and I would like to tell my story in the hopes of inspiring people — especially women — to change the conversation, to shatter glass ceilings. Women are always told we can’t have everything. I want everything, and I believe anyone else can have it too. I’m proof of it. 


The book is set to be released in 2019.  


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martin will never come out with Winds of Winter, I'm calling it now.

George R. R. Martin Reveals New Information About “Winds of Winter” and Fans Are Shook

Following the news of HBO ordering a pilot episode of a prequel to Game of Thrones and fans are *shook*.


So is George R. R. Martin, apparently. 



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Martin took to his blog, Not A Blog, to dispel some rumors, set the record straight as to what the prequel will entail, and to remind readers that Winds of Winter is still coming. Most importantly, he reassured fans that he won’t be writing the pilot episode and possible eventual series, but only consulting, saying:

And yes, before you ask, work on Winds of Winter continues, and remains my top priority. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. If I wasn’t busy with Winds, don’t you think I’d be scripting one or more of these pilots myself?


Given that Martin has been saying he’s been focusing on nothing but Winds of Winter, the novel could be finished anytime between tomorrow morning to the end of time, there really is no telling. 



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Along with the updates around the Winds of Winter completion and release, Martin assured fans that none of the characters featured in the Game of Thrones series will be appearing in the prequel. According to him, the untitled prequel will be set ten thousand years before Game of Thrones, making it impossible for any of the characters to be relevant or possible in this series.


As with most Martin projects, the end result comes out a lot later than everyone expected. Taking into consideration that the prequel project has no director, location, cast, or even a title, the pilot episode probably won’t be out for a good, long while. 


Regardless of how long this new endeavor may take or what it will entail, fantasy and Martin fans rejoice. 




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Check Out the Spooky Cover for the Stranger Things Books!

While fans patiently await the third season of Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things, fans can soon get their fill of 80’s pop culture nostalgia with new books being published by Penguin Random House as soon as this fall. The worldwide publishing deal between Netflix and Random House will feature a behind-the-scenes companion book, a hardcover gift book for young readers, and a prequel novel about Eleven’s mother and the MKUltra program.


The companion book will be titled Strangers Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-The-Scenes Companion, offering readers an inside look into every aspect of the series through color photos and concept art. The companion book will be released November 13, 2018 and is available now for preorder. Check out the spoooky cover here:


n ,m

Via Penguin Random House


While the companion book will tie over fans until the fall premier of the third season, author Gwenda Bond will be writing the prequel novel set to follow Eleven’s mother, Terry, and her entry into the MKUltra program, as seen briefly in season one of the show. 

The author took to twitter to express her excitement and to share her own 1960’s and 70’s-themed playlists to accompany the prequel. 



Given the popularity of the series, the novels will be a fantastic way to flesh out the world and its characters, giving them opportunities to develop the world past the screen. Seeing as the creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, only expect the series to last four or five seasons, the novel expansions will be a great opportunity to continue the story even after the show ends.  


Featured Image Via Penguin Random House.