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Amazing Adaptations Are Swinging onto Netflix This June!

Whether you like horror, drama, or comics, Netflix has something to offer all of us. Let’s check out all the Netflix adaptations of our favorite novels and comic books that are coming our way in June!

We’ve broken everything down by genre and release date, so skim for your favorites or get lost in Netflix’s June offerings.




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Carrie, originally written by Stephen King (coming June 1st)

The Phantom Of The Opera, originally written by Gaston Leroux (coming June 1st)





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Tales Of The City, written by Armistead Maupin (coming June 7th)

Leila, based off the novel by Prayaag Akbar (coming June 14th)



For Children


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Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, based on the Dr. Seuss book How The Grinch Stole Christmas (coming June 5th)



Japanese Anime


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Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, originally created by Cho-Heiwa Busters and Mitsu Izumi (coming June 1st)

A Silent Voice, originally created by Yoshitoki Ōima (coming June 5th)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, originally created by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (coming June 21st)

Forest Of Piano, originally created by Makoto Isshiki (coming June 24th)



American Comics


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Batman Begins, originally written by Davis S. Goyer (coming June 1st)

The Dark Knight, originally written by David Finch (coming June 1st)

Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse, written by Ralph Macchio; Art by F Flaviano, Eduard Petrovich, Andrea DI Vito (coming June 26th)



Fans of drama and comic book/manga nerds, you have a lot to look forward to in June if you have Netflix—or if you can coast off a friends’ login info. Since that might piss off your friend, why not all watch together?

Happy binge-watching!



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‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ Premiere Announced on Netflix!

According to EW the premiere of the much anticipated The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has been announced. The ten episode series will be a prequel to the Jim Henson original puppet fantasy film, The Dark Crystalwhich was originally released in 1982. Although it flop on release, both critically and commercially, the film has since found a cult audience, who love it for its immersive world building, astounding practical effects, and unusually dark tone for a Henson production. The film was about the fictional world of Thra, dealing with a conflict between two fantasy races: the good hearted, innocent Gelflings and the dark, sinister, conniving Skeksis.

The new series, a Netflix exclusive, will be set before the original film, dealing with three Gelfings who discover the dark secrets of the Skeksis and ignite a rebellion against the evil creatures. The series will be directed by Louis Leterrier, who has previous helmed Now You See Me, Clash of the Titansand The Incredible HulkThe filmmaker has reported he is determined to make the new series as close to looking like the old film as possible, including using old school puppetry for the characters. The director had to reportedly fight for puppets rather than CGI but is glad that he managed to get the project to use them, as it was very important to him.

Equally impressive is the voice cast for the cast of puppets. These include: Taron Egerton, Ana Taylor-Joy, Nathalie Emmanuel, Harvey Fierstein, Mark Hamill, Eddie Izzard, Mark Strong, Simon Pegg, Jason Isaacs, Natalie Dormer, Alicia Vikander, and Helena Bonham Carter. The shows executive producers include Jim Henson’s daughter, Lisa Henson, who will make sure the vision of the series stays true to her father’s original film.

Below are a series of images released by Netflix as a preview for the upcoming series, all of which look utterly beautiful.


Several puppet characters stand in the woods together

Image via EW

A puppet female character examines a book with a stick

Image Via Ew

A huge group of vulture-like creatures sits around a massive table in a dimly lit castle chamber

Image via Ew

Two vulture-like creatures stand in a dark tunnel together

image via EW

A vulture-like creature wields a sword on a battlefield as dust explodes around it

Image Via Ew

What do you think? Looks pretty incredible, huh? Are you excited to revisit the world of Thra? Let us know in the comments!



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Hip-Hop Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet to Be Produced by Queen Latifah and Will Smith

Imagine a crowded arena filled with fans of hip-hop music. They await the arrival of some illustrious artist such as the Fresh Prince, DJ Jazzy Jeff, or Queen Latifah; but then, a scrawny emo kid takes the stage—it’s Romeo of house Montague. The beat drops…

In Northeastern Italy born and raised

Pining over love interests is how I spend most of my days

Stressin’ out cryin’ (eventually) dyin’ all cool

Reading some poetry outside of the school

When a couple of families that were up to no good

Started making trouble in my neighborhood

I stirred up one little feud and my mom got scared

She said ‘You’re gonna end up dying with that Capulet girl by the end of this play’


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No? Yeah, that was bad. What won’t be is the recently announced a hip hop musical adaptation of the William Shakespeare tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Not taking place in West Philadelphia or  Northeastern Italy in the 14th century, this new take will feature a different and more contemporary setting. It is being described as “a contemporary, musical take on Romeo and Juliet set against the urban rhythms of New York. The love story follows a young waitress from the streets of Brooklyn and an aspiring musician from a wealthy family whose unconventional romance forces them to confront their life choices.”


This news comes via Variety which also reports that the project will be directed and written by Solvan “Slick” Naim—a much better rapper than I will ever be. The Algerian-American writer, director, and rapper hails from Bushwick, Brooklyn; Naim already has a comedy series on Netflix entitled “It’s Bruno” which premiered today. He will pen the script for the untitled R&J project with Dave Broome for everyone’s favorite streaming powerhouse.


Image Via Hollywoodreporter.com


Producing the film will be the Fresh Prince himself, William Smith along with Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere (Flavor Unit Entertainment), James Lassiter, and Caleeb Pinkett (Overbrook Entertainment).


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Season 2 of ‘You’ Is Coming, Along with Novels 3 and 4!

Last year Netflix released its original series You, based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes. The story is narrated by Joe Goldberg, a loner who works at a bookstore and becomes infatuated with an aspiring writer, Beck. But his infatuation surpasses the norm, and descends into dangerous territory. The series starred Penn Badgley, of Gossip Girl fame alongside Elizabeth Lail, who previously played Anna in the fourth season of Once Upon a Time.


Image from Netflix's You-2

Image Via Inverse

As the Chicago Tribute will tell you, the series wasn’t a breakout hit. It premiered on Lifetime on September 9th, 2018 to a limited audience, but was a breakout hit for Netflix when released on December 26th, 2018.

Over 40 million viewers couldn’t take their eyes off this fast-pased exploration of social media and twenty-first century stalking.


Cover of Caroline Kepnes's "You"

Image Via Cosmopolitan


The standalone novel by Caroline Kepnes on which the series is based was well-received upon its publication in 2014. Bustle called it “one of the most unsettling books I’ve read this year, but despite being thoroughly creeped out, I couldn’t put it down even for a second” and Daily Express called it “clever, chilling, teasing tale keeps you hanging on by your fingertips.”

Despite a number of differences between the book and the show, it’s generally agreed that the adaptation captured the spirit of the novel perfectly, and I’m excied for Season 2 based on Kepnes’ sequel, the ominously titled Hidden Bodies, published in 2016 novel, and see Joe Goldberg move to Los Angeles meeting…someone special.


Caroline Kepnes

The Taste Bucket

Art begets art, and as a result, straight from Entertainment Weekly, Caroline Kepnes will be writing both a third novel in which Joe “move[s] to the Pacific Northwest with a plan to become a family man in his own unique way,” as well as a fourth novel.

Are you going to check outSseason 2 of You? I sure hope novels three and four are released quickly so we don’t end up with a George R R Martin-situation on our hands?


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Kristin Scott Thomas to Play Mrs. Danvers in ‘Rebecca’

Kristin Scott Thomas, nominee for 1996’s Academy Award for Best Actress for The English Patient, has joined Lily James and Armie Hammer in the Netflix adaptation of Rebecca.


"Rebecca" Book Cover

In 1938 the world received Daphne du Maurier’s gothic novel Rebecca. The novel a naïve young woman in her early 20s who marries with a wealthy Englishman, George Fortescue Maximilian “Maxim” de Winter, only to discover there are secrets involving Maxim’s deceased second wife.

The novel has stayed in the public consciousness, being listed as at number 14 on the UK survey The Big Read in 2003 and even winning the UK’s favorite book of the past 225 years in a poll by bookseller W H Smith, even beating out 1984 by George Orwell.

Obviously, given this popularity, the book has been adapted numerous times across various different formats – from radio to television to film.


Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca"


Infamously, Alfred Hitchcock made the first adaptation, which currently holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But the show must go on, as they say, and a new adaptation is in the works. Previously, we here in the Bookstr family reported that Lily James and Armie Hammer had joined the cast, but in a new update brought to us by Deadline: Kristin Scott Thomas has joined the cast.


Kristin Scott Thomas

Recently, Kristen Scott Thomas appeared in Darkest Hour as Clementine Churchill where she won a was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Now she’s apart of this Ben Wheatley film (whose previously worked on A Field in EnglandHigh-Rise, and Free Fire).

Moviefone reveals that Kristen Scott Thomas will portray the sinister housekeeper Mrs. Danvers. I wonder what she’ll look like?

It might be a long wait, but at least the film is set to shoot this summer in the UK and France.


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