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Maisie Williams Speaks Out: Playing Arya Made Her Feel ‘Ashamed’ Of Her Body

Game of Thrones is over. But we’ll likely be hearing behind the scenes tales for years to come. And one such story has emerged from no other than Maisie Williams, who portrayed the very popular Arya Stark on the show. According to BuzzFeed, Maisie William felt many negative pressures as she continued on the show through the years. She began to play Arya at 14 but Maisie Williams revealed that when her body started to mature around season 2 or 3, steps were taken behind the scenes to make sure her body matched up with how Arya was supposed to be.

In a statement, Maisie Williams said:

“Around Season 2 or 3, my body started to mature and I started to become a woman, but Arya was still very much like trying to be disguised as a boy.”

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The extensive modifications and makeup required for this included: cutting her hair incredibly short, covering Maisie in dirt, smudging her nose, and suppressing her breasts with a strap. This process caused Maisie to have negative images of her body and made her feel ‘horrible’ for six months per year during shooting. However, since the show’s end, Maisie has been embracing her body and showing it off more, embracing fashions and even a new, pink hairstyle to distance herself from the role of Arya.

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Maisie further said:


“In this new phase of my style it’s nice to look more feminine, have a real waistline, and, you know, embrace the body I have.”


Its unfortunate that Maisie Williams was subject to such extreme conditions that she hated herself. Hopefully, now that the show is over, she can embrace herself and feel much better about life. How do you feel about Maisie’s story? Let us know in the comments!

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