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7 Biden Books For the Beginning of His Presidency

Today is a big day! Inauguration speaks to the beginning of new leadership and new changes. Former Vice President, Joe Biden, is becoming our nations forty-sixth president this afternoon, and this shift comes right at a time where many need to see change most. In celebration of the presidential baton changing hands, here is a list of seven books by, about and including our nation's next president.

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#SnowDay Reads to Keep You Warm

Sure, it’s terrible outside if you’re anywhere north of the Red Sea, but these books will take you places that are always warm. I confess, I don’t want to live in the tropics ever again (I have a dark past), but come January who doesn’t want to be on the equator? It’s a little early, but in honor of the snow AND the freezing rain, here’s some early winter escapism.


The Ten Thousand Things

by Maria Dermoût

After living and having a child in Holland, Felicity returns home to Indonesia. Magic, death, and time all interact, creating a strange but grounded world that’s both alien and familiar. Abandoned by her husband, adrift in her own home, and with her superstitious grandmother, Felicity finds a way to make her idyllic birthplace her home, even in the face of tragedy. Shimmering, thrilling, and magical.



by Karen Russell

Ava Bigtree’s mother has just died, her father has disappeared, and her brother has defected to the enemy. Only thirteen, Ava must manage nearly a hundred alligators and her own grief, even as her family legacy of alligator wrestlers inexorably fades. Also, her sister is in love with a mysterious and probably dead man. What could go wrong?


The Descendants

by Kaui Hart Hemmings

He may be descended from a Hawaiian princess, but things aren’t going so well for Matthew King. His daughters are a recovering drug addict and a wild child, and his wife, comatose, is about to be taken off life support. The unimaginable grief may bring him closer to his daughters, but it also takes him further from home – on a journey to find his dying wife’s lover.



by Terry Pratchett
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A family can be a sole survivor, a cast away, a parrot, and legions of ancestral ghosts. All that with Terry Pratchett’s signature humor and lightness, and this is a must read if you’re looking for warmth. Sure, I always love found family, but this is more than that – having lost everyone else ,they become not just a family but a people, united by their cope and their isolation.


A Flower for the Queen

by Caroline Vermalle

An adventure starring a young gardener, Francis Masson, on his journey to find a rare orange blossom for the English king. He does not expect the extremity of the South African wildernes or the competition from rival botanists, nor fate’s twists.

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