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New Harry Potter Fan Theory May Reveal TRUE Identity of Voldemort’s Mother

Voldemort has a face only a mother could love, especially if your mother is a snake or at least that’s what some Harry Potter theorists are saying. That’s right, they’re theorizing that Voldemort’s mother is a snake! Not just any snake, the theory is that Voldemort’s mother is Nagini, the Maledictus with a blood curse that transforms her into a vicious reptile in the upcoming Fantastic Beast movie.



Image via Study Breaks

Image via Study Breaks



It’s a bit bizarre but hear me out. Based on this Reddit post, they speculate that Fantastic Beast will tie into the birth of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. They point out a few crucial details:



A poster seen in the first Fantastic Beasts movie speaks of a circus called the Circus Arcanus from New York to Europe on December 13,1926.



And guess whose born in December of the same year? You got it! Merope Gaunt (Tom Riddle) or as we know him Voldemort, who was born on December 31st, 1926. The theorist throw a spotlight on a particular passage from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.



I remember she said to me ‘I hope he looks like his papa’ and I won’t lie she was right to hope it, because she was no beauty – and then she told me had was to be named Tom, for his father, and Marvolo, for her father – yes I know, funny name, isn’t it? We wondered where she came from a circus.


It would be no wonder why she’d hope he look like his father. Though the Nagini that we have previewed from the trailer looks beautiful with her dark hair, flawless skin and capturing eyes. The blood curse turns the victim into a gruesome beast. We can only predict that at that point of her life, she would have look like a scaly reptilian humanoid beast who was on her way to looking completely like a snake.  Not exactly something you’d want your baby to exactly resemble.



Image via Robin Johns Grant and Vignette

Image via Robin Johns Grant and Vignette


It is known that Voldemort ended up in an orphanage, so where did his mom go? The Reddit user believes that in order to save her son from herself, she gave him up, faked her own death and ran away. It wouldn’t be so hard to believe that Voldemort is a descendant from Nagini, he is after all the descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Salazar Slytherin not only would pass along his love for snakes but also his ability to speak with them.


Their relationship would make sense, he cared so deeply for Nagini as she did for him. Nagini offered her poison to him as a mother would her milk to the small baby like form of Voldemort, in order to keep him alive. We know that only females gain the curse, however, when Voldemort removed parts of his soul, he begins to resemble a snake. The very thing his mother would look like if she really is Nagini.



Image via Reddit

Image via Reddit



Some disagree with the theory, stating that there are flaws. Nagini has Asian background, and some people believe that from what we know of Voldemort’s past, that he couldn’t be half Asian. However, you never know. Sometimes, children take after one parent than the other and the mother did wish that her son would resemble the father more. Maybe she got her wish.


Understandably, there is still skepticism about the whole theory of Nagini and Voldemort being mother and son but it’s a fun and interesting theory. I’m excited to see what the upcoming Fantastic Beast movie has to reveal when it’s released on November 16th, 2018.






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JK Rowling Responds to Accusations of ‘Racism’ Surrounding Nagini Storyline in ‘Fantastic Beasts’

In the latest trailer of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, fans were surprised to see Nagini make an appearance. More interestingly, she’s not just a Voldemort’s Horcrux, as we all knew her, but a Maledictus, a new magical category in the Wizarding World!


This surprising introduction of a new character has caused controversy, however, as some critics have raised the issue of racism.




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Wearing a scale-like silver dress and grape-colored lips, Claudia Kim, a Korean actress, morphs into a snake with red, cold eyes in the crowds of people. We cannot help but admire Rowling’s story-weaving skill, as she introduces Nagini into the Fantastic Beasts world. Though it sounds amazing and creative, some fans feel confused about the setting: is Nagini an Animagus (a witch or wizard who can turn into a particular animal?) 




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To answer this question, Rowling tweeted:





Wow! You got it? The new category of magical community, Maledictus, is bold, creative, and potential in a way that, for me, when the new setting has something to do with inescapable born nature or mysterious legacy of family, then it can be developed into powerful and surprising stories and episodes, as if a rhizome that has innumerable knots.  




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Claudia Kim also expressed her thought on this kind-of-new character in an EW interview:



It will be so interesting to see another side of Nagini. You’ve only seen her as a Horcrux. In this, she’s a wonderful and vulnerable woman who wants to live. She wants to stay a human being and I think that’s a wonderful contrast to the character.



Yet, for the perspective of cinematic representation of the fictional character, some people pointed out that casting an Asian woman to play a white man (Voldemort)’s pet is problematic:






Responding to the backlash, Rowling tweeted that:




Clearly, Rowling has already had a comprehensive map of Nagini’s journey-as an Asian female with her specific folklore background. As her tweet responding to someone asking about the Nagini project, she said:





Amazing! Rowling again proved herself to be one of the best storyteller in the world! Hey, Bookstrs, check the trailer of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald below and see you in the theater on November 16th!





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