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When Fans Resurrected ‘Sherlock Holmes’

As today is the one hundred and third anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's His Last Bow, so we're doing a deep dive into the Sherlock Holmes story that almost never was.

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A Countdown of Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

Today is the 128th anniversary of this renowned first collection of stories, and the fervor of the fandom is just as dedicated as ever. In celebration of the enigmatic mind that everyone can’t seem get enough of, here is a chronological count-down of (only some of) the unique adaptations of Sherlock’s Holmes’ original story throughout the years that are worth watching.

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5 Mysteries to Cozy Up With This Winter

Let’s face it—after the holidays, winter is just plain miserable. What better way to cheer yourself up than to cozy up with some good mysteries? These reads will not only have you racing to guess whodunnit, but will also make you laugh out loud. So stoke a nice fire, pour some tea, and curl up in your warmest blanket while enjoying these cozy mysteries this winter season!

1. ‘Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye’

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The Psychic Eye series by real-life psychic Victoria Laurie is a personal favorite of mine. The series follows psychic intuitive Abby Cooper as she’s thrown into the middle of a murder mystery after one of her clients dies. The police (including the super attractive lead investigator) doubt Abby’s abilities, so with the help of her handy psychic abilities—or what she likes to call her “crew”—Abby goes out in search of the killer herself. 

Psychic Eye continues with 15 more books (and counting), each with a unique mystery that never fails to entertain. The series traverses Abby’s relationship with the police and her struggle to prove the authenticity of her powers, while also navigating her relationship (with someone who shall remain unnamed for the sake of spoilers). 

This series is both action-packed and laugh-out-loud funny, especially in reading about Abby’s feisty personality and the many adventures (and trouble) her stubbornness gets her into. Laurie is particularly talented in the crafting of the book’s many side characters, some of which are recurrent, who you will fall in love just as much as you fall in love with Abby and her antics. 

2. ‘Loose Screw’

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Lucy is as clumsy as she is a push-over—but when she trips over the dead body of a relics trader, she’s thrust into the midst of a murder mystery. Despite her self-consciousness and uncertainty in her own abilities, Lucy sets out to find the killer in hopes of saving her loved ones—and her business. 

This book is hilarious, simply because of Lucy’s self-deprecating thoughts and utter clumsiness. That being said, she gradually gains confidence in herself over the course of the novel, embracing her flaws and breaking out of her shy shell. 

If you’re looking for humor, a relatable main character, and a super hot detective love interest—look no further! Loose Screw is available on Kindle or as a paperback on Amazon.

3. ‘Murder, She Wrote’

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If you love the show Murder, She Wrote, then you’ll most certainly love this series of the same name. If you’re not familiar with the television series, it features Jessica Fletcher, a best-selling mystery author who inevitably gets caught up in real-life murder mysteries. Jessica is quirky, intelligent, and always knows how to outsmart the killer. 

Based off of the show, the Murder, She Wrote series stays true to Jessica’s character and voice, and will keep you guessing as often as the show. If you’re looking for a mystery with a little less romance and a little more murder-solving, this one’s for you! The series is 52 books long—perfectly capable of keeping you occupied for the rest of the winter months. 

4. ‘Eat, Pray, Die’

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Breaking away from some of the more generic mystery characters (not that there’s anything wrong with sticking to traditional tropes,) Eat, Pray, Die by Chelsea Field follows Izzy Avery, a woman whose genetic fluke makes her the perfect undercover poison taster. When a chef is nearly poisoned, and his poison taster is left in a coma, it’s up to Izzy and her colleague to track the killer down.

If you’re looking for a cozy mystery with a bit of a twist, Eat, Pray, Die is for you. 

5. ‘Hex on the Beach’

image via goodreads

Hex on the Beach by Gina LaManna is not your average mystery. If you love the magical realm of witches, ghouls, and vampires, this is sure to be a hit with you. The book follows Lily Locke as she discovers a magical realm, her biological family, and the fact that she’s a witch. To complicate matters further, a body turns up—and Lily could be next.

As fun as cozy mysteries are, the tropes and cookie-cutter plots can get a little boring. If you love mysteries but are looking for something new and unique—check out Hex on the Beach today! 

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5 Elementary Sherlock Holmes Memes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most beloved characters in the British canon, and with countless adaptations and reimaginings, it was bound to spawn its own army of memes.


When Someone Tries to Talk to You Before 10AM


Image via Pinterest


It’s too early to be any kind of way, and that includes mad at you. Just look at that face! Get the man a cup of coffee. Of course, knowing him, he’s probably just thinking about cigarette ash or lock picking and barely heard, but I still think there’s a lot to relate to. I think most of us have been in a state at one point or another where someone was talking to us and we looked at them like this.



I’m Basically a Genius


Image via Cheezburger


All the clues are there! Isn’t it more or less the stock and trade of the mystery genre to make you feel like you could figure out for yourself, and there’s no better feeling than actually being able to do it, whether you’re watching or reading Sherlock Holmes. I mean, the euphoria of finding out who committed crimes at the end is good, but not as good as figuring it out yourself.





Image via Esmemes


Look, I think he’s valid, sitting in ridiculous ways and wearing a house robe, I’m actually pretty jealous. I know he deals with like, murder, every single day, but I’d still trade with him if it meant living like this. Just doing drugs and solving crime. Alright, I’d probably only enjoy one of those things, but this ridiculous posture really does make him an icon.



He’s All of Us


Image via Meme


We’ve all been through some things, ok? I confess I don’t have an alphabetized list, but there’s a club you can join if you want. It’s like, ‘who hurt you?’ and I mean, almost everyone. Plus, it’s like, you’re talking to a detective. I’m not an expert, but I’m not sure any detective runs into new situations just super trusting and optimistic. Who does?



It’s So Obvious!


Image via Pinterest


Alright, minimal shade, but at least Blue’s Clues actually showed us all the clues. Maybe a lot of shade. Idk. I’m just saying, if we’re not shown the clues, how are we supposed to know if he’s smart? I mean, you can just tell us, but it’s not the same visceral understanding we’d get if we know everything Holmes does and can’t figure out a single thing for ourselves.



Featured image via AstrologyMemes