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Be More Chill at Lyceum theater

3 Books We Would Really Love To See As Musicals

Whatever the case, you cannot deny theatre’s influence on our and other countries’ cultures, but sometimes, theatre could use a little push, and it’s just one of the many mediums that lit fiction latches onto in order to adapt into something that can really captivate an audience and be something truly memorable…

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Jekyll & Hyde Broadway Show Getting Film Adaptation

The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has been adapted countless times over the years. One of the most popular adaptations has been a musical. The musical first premiered in 1997, and garnered mixed reception but did maintain a large following and performed in 28 countries—grossing close to $1 billion over the years. Now, the musical is headed to the big screen.


Deadline has reported that Alexander Dinelaris, one of the Oscar-winning screenwriters of Birdman, has been taped to adapt the musical to the big screen. Dinelaris’ production company Lexicon will produce the film. In a statement, Dinelaris expressed his joy in adapting the material.



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“Bringing the gritty potential of Leslie and Frank’s stirring gothic musical to the big screen made Jekyll & Hyde the perfect project to launch Lexicon, which is focused on character driven, muscular storytelling.”


The original writers of the musical, Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse, were equally excited about the project.


“After 30 years of our stage productions playing successfully in almost every major country in the world, we are absolutely thrilled to see our musical version of Jekyll and Hyde becoming a major motion picture.”


This is the second time Dinelaris is involved in a Broadway show, as he wrote the book for the musical On Your Feet! about the life of Gloria Estefan.



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'Les Miserables'

BBC Launches Unforgettable Les Miserables Adaptation

Everyone knows Les Miserables, even those of us who think the length is miserablé. It’s pretty likely you’ve seen both the musical or the movie, but neither is the original. It’s far less likely that you’ve read Victor Hugo‘s original Les Miserables, even though it’s packed with hilarious capers, deep friendships, and horrifying deaths. Fans call the novel ‘The Brick’ for a reason—at 1,900 pages, it’s one of the longest novels in history. Given that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is 607 pages and needed two movies to cover all the important parts, it’s a little surprising that the Les Miserables movie directors thought that they could tell the story in under three hours. After watching it, some fans thought they would never get the retelling they deserve.


Anne Hathaway in the musical 'Les Miserables': "But there are dreams that cannot be!"

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Devotees of ‘The Brick‘ have one common complaint when it comes to the recent movie and musical: where did 80% of the story go? The novel depicts much deeper relationships between characters… and their relationships to historical events. Those who have read and love ‘The Brick’ also have complaints about the story itself, including and mostly limited to why does Victor Hugo spend hundreds of pages describing the sewers of Paris? Rife with French history and cultural context, the novel occasionally has more in common with a textbook than its honestly monstrous size. So here’s the compromise—a TV show that you won’t die before finishing. (No guarantees that the characters won’t die before the show is over.)


'Les Miserables' TV Adaptation's Star Cast

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The series, which has just begun airing on the BBC, will run for six weeks. Jean Valjean actor Dominic West believes that the TV production will remind viewers more of the source material. For those who believe the show will be a rehash of the same plot, West promises that viewers “should expect grand ambition from the series, which avoids the songs of the musical theatre production and 2012 film.” The star-studded cast also features The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones actress Lily Collins and Selma actor David Oyelowo. You’ll want to barricade yourself in your room to finish this one right away!



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