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Queer Musical ‘The Prom’ Getting YA Novel Adaptation!

Dance your way to the bookstore because the Broadway hit The Prom will be adapted into a young adult novel.


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Ah, high school prom! For those of you who attended your prom you’ll remember how much of a mess it was to make it there. The planning and organizing, between car or limo arrangements to hair, make-up, and what to wear, and then there was dealing with the pressure of asking for a date! So glad to be done with that!

Now all of that is hard enough for your average high schooler trying to fit in and be “normal”, but what about those who dared to be original and stray away from the norm so they can be who they truly are?

This is what the Broadway musical The Prom is all about.


The show…tells the story of Emma, a high school student in Indiana who becomes the center of a media scandal for wanting to bring her girlfriend to the prom. When her plight catches the attention of some Broadway eccentrics, Emma’s story goes from small-town scandal to theatrical, jazz hand-laden frenzy.

-Playbill, 2019


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Confirmed in an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, as well as by Playbill in an article of their own, the musical will be released this upcoming Fall of 2019 as a young adult novel.


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YA author Saundra Mitchell, who wrote the teen anthologies Defy the Dark and All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages, will be writing the adaptation alongside the the musical’s three writers—Chad Beguelin, Bob Martin, and Matthew Sklar. With the book in the hands of these fantastic writers, we know that the musical’s energy and humor, as well as its message of acceptance and inclusion will be upheld.




The novel is already available for pre-order. Be the first to read and add this beautiful story of love, acceptance, and being true to yourself to your library this Fall.


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New TV Adaptation of  Les Misérables Is Here!

In the preface to Les MisérablesVictor Hugo wrote:


As long as there are ignorance and poverty on Earth, books such as this one may not be useless.


Those words have held true. The book was published in 1862— over a 150 years ago—and it was a breakout hit that still hasn’t lost its popularity nor its relevance.

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This might have something to do with the musical. Heck, maybe it has everything to do with the musical, but to test that theory out is PBS, who is coming in at full swing.
PBS’ adaption of Les Miserables isn’t a musical, but instead an in-depth look at the classic story about poverty, desperation, and redemption. Forbes writes that the screenwriter, Andrew Davies, who is known for his adaptions such as Pride and Prejudice (1995 TV series) and War & Peace (2016 TV series)preserves Hugo’s intricate plotting, striking historical vignettes, powerful themes and evocative characterizations”.
The television series is set to be a six-part adaptation of the famous story. Here, we follow fugitive Jean Valjean, played here by Dominic West (James ‘Jimmy’ McNulty on The Wire) who is relentlessly followed by Inspector Javert, played here by David Oyelowo, who infamously took on the role of Dr. King in Selma.
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The rest of the cast includes Lilly Collins, who played Collins Tuohy in The Blind Side and more recently led Netflix film To the Bone will be Fantine, a young woman forced into prostitution.
PBS Fantine
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Adeel Akhtar, who played Naveed in The Big Stick, will be devious and devious Thénardier.
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Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Elizabeth II on Season 4 of The Crown and just won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in The FavoriteI, will be devious and cruel Madame Thénardier.
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Ellie Bamber, who played Lydia Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, will be Cosette, the daughter of Fantine and the adopted daughter of Valjean. Josh O’Connor, plays Prince Charles on Season 4 of The Crown, will be Marius, Cosette’s young lover.
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The first episode premiered on April 14th at 9/8c. You can check it out for yourself here and see if you like it. The second episode comes out the 24th at 9/8c.



“Lilly [Collins] was saying the other day that, you know, in one song lyric, in one line, she has a whole episode. You know, what happened to her? Where did she come from? Who did she fall in love with, how did he treat her? How did she end up a prostitute on the street? And we get to see all that. And so I think that anyone who loved the musical would really love this.”

A greater understanding of characters I already love? That’s got my ear, so I’ll tune in.
Are you?
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‘The Secret Life of Bees’ Is Now a Musical!

Exciting news for literature and musical fans! The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd was already critically acclaimed as both a novel and its feature film adaptation starring Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Queen Latifah. The novel was a bestseller on the New York Times’s bestsellers list. The novel itself dealt with weighty emotional issues, including child abuse and trauma. Beautifully written, it deals with its issues with maturity and grace, making for a potentially excellent stage adaptation.

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LaChanze, famed for her role in The Color Purplewill play beekeeper August Boatwright. Other cast members have been announced to be Eisa Davis as June, Manoel Felciano as T-Ray, Lily’s abusive father, Brett Gray as Zach, and Anastacia McCleskey as May. Set to begin previews on May 12th, 2019, the play will begin an off-Broadway show starting in June and eventually is eyeing a Broadway transfer. The play will feature music by Duncan Sheik and will be directed by Sam Gold. Performances will end July 7th but we hope this proves popular enough to get the eyes of Broadway! The show will deal with themes of faith, spirituality, and healing.

We can’t wait to see this book come alive on stage!


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Steven Spielberg’s Anticipated ‘West Side Story’ Remake Has Found Its Maria

A fresh new face will be playing a classic role in Steven Spielberg’s remake of the 1961 musical West Side Story.

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The role of Maria, the titular love interest of the story, will be played by newcomer Rachel Zegler in her first film role. Zegler was one of 30,000 Latina actresses to audition for the role of Maria.


Zegler has stated that she is honored to play the role of Maria in a film, having previously portrayed her in a school play.


West Side Story was the first musical I encountered with a Latina lead character. As a Colombian-American, I am humbled by the opportunity to play a role that means so much to the Hispanic community.”


The news comes as the other film’s stars have also been announced. Tony, Maria’s love interest, will be portrayed by Ansel Elgort, the star of Baby Driver. The roles of Bernardo, Maria’s brother, and Anita, Bernardo’s girlfriend, will be portrayed by Broadway veterans Ariana DeBose and David Alvarez, respectively. Hamilton performer Josh Andres Rivera has been case as Chino, Maria’s would-be suitor. Rita Moreno, one of the film’s original stars who won an Oscar for her performance as Anita, will return in a new role and also serve as executive producer.



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The casting of mostly Latino and Latina actors was important for Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner. The original film has been accused on whitewashing over the years since its release. Most notably the casting of Natalie Wood, a white actress, in the role of Maria. Spielberg said that he is proud of the diverse group of actors who were cast in the film.


“When we began this process a year ago, we announced that we would cast the roles of Maria, Anita, Bernardo, Chino and the Sharks with Latina and Latino actors. I’m so happy that we’ve assembled a cast that reflects the astonishing depth of talent in America’s multifaceted Hispanic community.”



The film is set to start filming this summer.



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‘The Lightning Thief’ Will Have a Musical Twist This January!

The Lightning Thief was the book that, for many, started a magical journey that would stay with the reader for a lifetime. Rick Riordan masterfully crafted a beautiful, dangerous, and beyond unique setting with a blend of our modern reality with mythological deities, locations, and creatures. Now, the story that started it all is getting a fresh new adaptation. One that Apollo would be proud of.




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Rick Riordan’s story will be adapted into a musical play! The play is scheduled to tour the U.S. this January, but the songbook will soon be available October 5th. Percy and the other lovable cast of creatures and demigods have long deserved a good adaptation after the poorly received film adaptations a couple years ago. 


The play first debuted at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in an Off-Broadway attempt. So far the reviews have been positive, so hopes are high for fans. This version of Percy Jackson’s story is sure to be well received while also lending its own unique style to its presentation. The musical will be produced by Theatreworks USA, Martian Entertainment, Greg Schaffert Productions, and Lang Entertainment Group, in partnership with The Road Company. 




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For more info on the production or for pricing on tickets check out The lightning Thief’s website here. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the songbook so you don’t lag behind at the show!





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