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Lin-Manuel Miranda Publishes Book Filled with Daily Motivation!

The creator of the Broadway hit Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has released a new book this week! Can you guess what its about? 


Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared on the Stephen Colbert Show on October 16th and announced his new book, G’morning G’night: Little Pep Talks For Me & You. The book is collection of tweets that features illustrations by Jonny Sun.



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Miranda revealed the book was created because he had a “terrible addiction to Twitter,” using it at first to clock in hours of work. In the interview with Colbert, Miranda said “You should not give someone who likes an audience an audience in their pocket.”  Although he has been heavily engaged with Twitter since 2011, it wasn’t till his friend Jonny Sun suggested he make his tweets into a book that the thought occurred to him. Sun convinced Miranda that “people like something they can hold.”


The musical genius will be starring in his own production of Hamilton in Puerto Rico and all the proceeds will go towards arts organizations in Puerto Rico. He said


The reason Hamilton left the Caribbean and came to The Colonies was because of a hurricane. … He never went back, now 200 years later, because of the aftermath of a deadly hurricane we are bringing the company of Hamilton back to the Caribbean to pay it forward and close the loop here.


People often are inspired by events that have occurred in the past but by taking the time to look back and reflect on current situations, Lin-Manuel Miranda has chosen to serve his community in their time of need.


His new book will provide fans guidance and quick pick me up quotes for daily reading. Who doesn’t like some motivation especially on a Monday morning? 



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