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Kept Waiting: YA Book Releases That Were Pushed Back

With the Coronavirus putting our lives at a standstill, it is also having a big impact on the book industry. One such impact is the push back of books that were supposed to be released in the coming months. Here is a list of six books that we suppose to come out this Spring/Summer that were sadly moved to later this year/early next year. Find out more about them and be even more excited for their late release.

More Than Maybe

More Than Maybe follows the lives of music lovers Luke and Vada as they are figuring out their ambitions all while they are navigating their own feelings for each other. I think the thing that makes this book so special is the music. Both characters are such lovers of music, it is almost refreshing to read about their love and appreciation that they have for the art. Another thing I loved while reading this book is that the author created a playlist of all the songs featured in this novel. This was honestly a godsend because I listen to music while I read, so I loved to listen to her playlist (I even ended up adding a good amount of the songs to my own). Overall, if you are looking for a book with lovable characters, great music, a fun storyline, and a good summer read, then this is the one for you. The new publication date for this novel is July 21, 2020.

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Of Silver and Shadow

Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke is WONDERFUL! Once I started to read I just could not stop until I eventually finished it. If you are looking for a book that is full of action, romance, fantasy, and surprising comedy then this is the book for you! This story is about a silver named REN who wields power and what makes her even more special, on top of her badass nature and her wit, is the fact that she is one of the last silvers. The great thing is that this book is not just about REN, but rather connects us to three other different characters point of views. We have Darek who is the handsome and fierce leader of the rebellion, Kellan, the humorous Prince that is different from his family, and Adley, who is a child of the king and just trying to make her way in the world. All four of these characters collide to orchestrate a beautiful story. I loved this book and I think that if you love fantasy and a little bit of romance then you too will love it! The new publication date for Of Silver and Shadow is now February 16, 2021.

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Finding Balance

I really liked this book, I think overall it was a very entertaining and fun read. It is a beautiful story of two teenagers whose lives have been forever affected by cancer. What was very special about this book is that it is not a “cancer book”, but rather a ‘what comes next’. It explores the lives of these teenagers after their battle with cancer, how they choose to live their lives, and how they decide that cancer does not define their lives. Besides the wonderful story being told, I loved the characters. The story explores the point of views of Mari, a fierce survivor who lost her leg in the process, but does not let that stop her from doing anything. Then we have Jase, another survivor of cancer, but he struggles with defining his truth and letting others know about his history. If you are looking for a heartfelt, beautiful, and fun story then this one is for you! The new publication date for Finding Balance by Kati Gardner is September 29, 2020.

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Where Dreams Descend

Where Dreams Descend is the perfect book to satisfy your fantasy fix. Kallia has always known that she has had magic and – with the powerful magician Jack – she has been able to harness her magic. The only problem with this arrangement is that she is forever stuck at Jack’s estate, rather than on her own in the world. After finding a flyer for a magician competition, Kallia knows that this is her ticket away from Jack and to make a star out of herself. After her escape, Kallia learns that as a female magician she will have to work twice as hard as the rest. Once other competing magicians begin to mysteriously vanish from the competition, Kallia releases that leaving her old life behind isn’t as easy as she thought it’d be. With the help of handsome magician DeMarco, Kallia fights to win the Magical competition and figure out the mystery of what is going. The new publication date for Where Dreams Descend is August 25, 2020.

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I know that a lot of you have been anticipating the releases of some of these novels for quite sometime, it is very disappointing that we will have to wait even longer for the release. That said, I will say that these books are definitely worth the extra wait!


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