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5 of the Coolest Creatures in ‘Harry Potter’

The Harry Potter universe is home a myriad of imaginative and spectacular creatures, some drawn from folklore while others spring forth from J.K. Rowling’s own mind. These are some of the best monsters found in the pages of Harry Potter’s complex universe, from the big to the small.


1. House Elf


Dobby, a house elf, standing upright with his hands folded behind his back
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

House elves are one of the most famous creations in the Harry Potter universe, an ever present part of the world since the second book, Chamber of Secrets. House elves are magical creatures that exist to serve, acting as servants for various households throughout the wizarding world. House elves have to obey their masters command, with their rules designating that they must obey any orders given. House elves take rules so strictly that they will punish themselves if they ever disobey an order. If a house elf is ever freed, they must be given close to do so but most elves view this as a deep punishment to seat loose. The most famous house elves in the series are Dobby, former servant of the Malfoys who befriends Harry and Kreacher, Sirius Black’s mistreated house elf. Honorable mention goes to Twinky, Dobby’s girlfriend, a depressed house elf who works at Hogwarts and was, tragically, omitted from the films.


2. Dementor


A picture of a Dementor, a wraith cloaked in shadows and darkness
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

One of the most infamous and terrifying creatures in the Potterverse, Dementors feed on the negative emotions of others.  J.K. Rowling has confirmed the monsters were inspired by depression, and cause their victims to feel the complete absence of hope and good feelings. Dementors also have an ability called the Dementor’s Kiss, which allows them to drain the soul out of a person and leave them an empty shell. Dementors initially are the guards of Azkaban but later switch sides to ally with Voldemort, who allows them to feed on Muggle victims.


3. Acromatula


An acromatula, a giant spider, emerging from a hedge maze to attack two boys, Harry and Cedric
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

Acromatulas are giant spiders, thought to be created through illegal wizard breeding and have a taste of human flesh. The most famous acromatulas is the character of Aragog, who Hagrid raised and released it into the Forbidden Forest. Aragog forms his own colony of acromatulas who dwell within the forest. Harry and Ron have a run in with the


4. Basilisk


A picture of the basilisk from Harry Potter, showcasing it as a giant snake-like monster
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

A fearsome giant snake, the Basilisk was bred by dark wizards and is known as the ‘King of Serpents.’ The Basilisk can kill its victim if they look it in the eyes but indirect contact (such as seeing its reflection) will only petrify the victim, leaving them paralyzed instead of dead. Their venom is only extremely deadly, only able to be cured through Phoenix Tears. The Basilisk’s famous role comes as an antagonist of The Chamber of Secrets, where the ghost of Tom Riddle releases it from the titular chamber upon Hogwarts. No one is killed by the monster, only Petrified, before Harry confronts and slays the Basilisk in a showdown inside the Chamber.


5. Thestral


A thestral, a skeletal looking horse, carrying Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

Thestrals are winged horses, with skeletal-like bodies and large bat-like wings. They are seen as omens by the Ministry of Magic because they can only been seen by those that have witnessed death. Harry, Luna, and Neville are some of the students who can see them due their traumatic pasts. In actuality, thestrals are intelligent and able to discern friend from foe. They aid Harry and his friends multiple times, often being used as methods of transportation across vast distances.

What are some of your favorite Harry Potter creatures? Let us know!



Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Celebrates a Huge Milestone as Sales Reach a Stunning Figure

Since the first book was published in 1997, the Harry Potter series has remained one of the most popular and best-selling series of all time.


Four books in the series made it onto Amazon’s top 10 most read books of 2018 for goodness sakes, proving that the spell hasn’t worn off. While the popularity of Harry Potter is certainly not shocking, the record number of books sold thus far is quite stunning.


Twenty years after J.K. Rowling’s magical series captivated audiences everywhere, Harry Potter remains a dominant presence on bookshelves everywhere. 


According to Pottermore, half a billion, or 500 million, Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide. In other words, on average, one in every fifteen people own at least one Harry Potter book.




The impressive figure accounts for all seven of the books in the series as well as the three companion volumes, taking into account both print and ebook versions. While all of the books have been widely successful, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone is the best-selling book in the series, and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows happens to be the fastest-selling fiction book of all time.


The Harry Potter series has been translated into over eighty languages in the world, allowing the incredible stories to be shared with cultures all over the world. And there is plenty to share: the seven core books in the Harry Potter series contain a total of more than a million words – 1,100,086 if you want to get technical. 


The vivid worlds, relatable characters, and touching (and entirely entertaining) story-lines have impacted the lives of so many readers, so let’s celebrate this incredible milestone and the magical woman who made it all possible, J.K. Rowling.





Featured Image Viaof Vladimir Zivanovic

Daniel Radcliffe

Were the Dursleys Actually…Nice? Daniel Radcliffe Weighs In On Weird Fan Theory

Though it has been twenty years, yes twenty years, since the first Harry Potter book was released and sixteen years since the first adaptation premiered, our passion for Hogwarts and its magical inhabitants has not dwindled a bit.


There is no shortage of love for the Harry Potter book and film series, and there is certainly no shortage of theories surrounding the franchise either. From theories over whether or not Harry and Hermione should have ended up together to theories on whether or not J.K. Rowling actually exists (God, I hope she does), fans love to challenge what we think we already know.


An ever-growing theory that stirred debate a few years ago hypothesized the true reason why Harry Potter’s adoptive aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, were so horrible to him. If you recall, Harry is considered one of the last Horcrux’s created by Lord Voldemort. A horcrux can draw out negative emotions of people in close proximity.


According to the theory, since Harry Potter is considered a horcrux, his nature is what caused the Dursleys to treat him in such a negative way, not their own personal biases. While Harry’s friends didn’t appear to be affected though they spent plenty of time together, the Dursleys lived in close proximity to him for years and could have been more vulnerable.



Image via Warner Bros.


Does it sound far-reaching? Not according to Daniel Radcliffe.


The actor, who won us over with his magical portrayal of the young wizard, responded to the theory in an interview with Huffington Post.


While he supposedly hadn’t heard the theory before, he found it “interesting” and quite plausible, saying


Yeah, that’s definitely the first time I’ve heard that one. It’s definitely interesting because it sort of posits a world where these people only known to be a certain way. Actually if you remove him from the situation, [the Dursleys] would have been quite a nice, friendly family.



Image via Warner Bros.


While Aunt Petunia’s natural scowl makes me believe she, along with her husband and son, were quite miserable from the start, I kind of wish the theory was true.


In the world of Hogwarts, where even the most annoying characters, and seriously misunderstood characters, can find redemption, the possibility that the Dursleys were another misunderstood trio is a nice thought.


Regardless, the theory is probably wrong. J.K. Rowling, who has been quite open with fans since the series concluded, hasn’t hinted at the validity of this theory. In fact, in a post on Pottermore, she confirmed what we already knew, which is that the Dursley’s horrible mistreatment of Harry stems from the “prejudice” and “ignorant” mind-set of the family. 


While it seems to be simple wishful thinking, this theory is still pretty nice.


Featured Image Via Indian Express

Picture of Dragonstone, highlighting the beach in the front and a few of the dragons flying to the keep.

5 Fictional Places We Wish Were Real

It’s only the middle of the week and you are waiting to go to the beach or counting down the days until vacation. For some, maybe you’re just waiting for the weather to not be so humid.


But some of our favorite books provide even better summer escape destinations. If only these were real…


1. The Capitol from “The Hunger Games”

Image of The Capitol, which shows a sleek city in daylight, highlighting a modern bridge.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


Yes, absolutely, it’s a symbol of oppression and tyranny, but it also seems like a technological paradise. The Capitol lifestyle is needlessly excessive, but some of the excesses are pleasant. For instance, imagine finishing an entrée at a restaurant only to realize your date’s meal tastes better. The Capitol’s got you covered: just drink their special concoction, and you have room for a second dinner. Second dinner! Imagine that.


2. Rivendell from “The Lord of the Rings”

Image of Rivendell, which is a nice city perched in a valley, surrounded by waterfalls.

Image courtesy of Vanderstelt Studio


Whether in the movies or the books, Rivendell is the perfect postcard destination. Relax in a small city perched in a deep valley, listen to water rushing down from dizzying heights or walk along the gorgeous bridges connecting the various buildings. Some serious business may be being discussed by the Council of Elrond, but numerous great writers have also found this location to be a killer spot to write. Bilbo Baggins is just one!


3. Octavia from “Invisible Cities”

Illustration of Octavia, which is a bunch of buildings suspended over a mountain.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” contains dozens of descriptions of fascinating locales. Per Marco Polo’s description, Octavia sounds especially mind-bending. It’s a city suspended over an abyss, described to be like a spider-web. Sure, it’ll fall at any moment, but a short weekend getaway might be exciting. Imagine coming out of work and looking down at nothingness. Breathtaking!


4. The Ministry of Magic from “Harry Potter”

Picture of the Ministry of Magic, which features a big statue of a gryffin in the center of a complex.

Image courtesy of Pottermore


Getting caught in rush hour is frankly soul crushing. Whether it’s a messed up train schedule or bumper-to-bumper traffic, the commute can often be the most harrowing part of the work day.


Nevertheless, magic may prove to be the answer to all these problems. Just hop into a fireplace (unlit preferably), use some Floo Powder, and, poof, you’re home from work. Imagine having offices in The Ministry of Magic! The idea of avoiding the evening rush is the most magical gift J.K. Rowling has bestowed.


5. Dragonstone from “Game of Thrones”

Picture of Dragonstone from Game of Thrones, which is a stark looking fortress overlooking an ocean.

Image courtesy of Game of Thrones Wiki


The massive walkway can be tiresome, but stumbling upon a vacant fortress would be a nice change of pace. Between the gorgeous dragon engravings and beachfront view, Dragonstone makes a splendid gothic getaway. It’s an especially welcome change if you’ve just come from Meereen and are staging a coup for the Seven Kingdoms. We can all relate to that.


Featured image courtesy of Daily Dot