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Michael B. Jordan Debuts His New Show: ‘Raising Dion’!

Michael B. Jordan has been a huge powerhouse actor, especially as a leader for the African-American community. He’s appeared in meaty roles such as Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Pantherand more. Now, he’s transitioning to the small screen with the debut of his new show, Raising Dion. The show is set to premiere on Netflix and has an intriguing premise: a father is trying to raise his son, whose starting to develop superhuman abilities.


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Raising Dion is based on the comic book by Dennis Liu. The story centers around a young woman called Nicole (played by Alisha Wainwright) who raises her son Dion, after the unexpected death of his father, played by Michael B. Jordan. Dion is a huge fan of science and superheroes and out of the blue, begins developing powers of his own. Its up to her to help raise her superpowered child while protecting him from antagonists out to exploit his abilities. Jordan will serve as an executive producer on the series, along with Liu and Barbee.

The series, from its trailer, aims to be a family friendly show. Jordan will likely have a small role in the series but the trailer looks promising as a new twist on the superhero story. On the series, Jordan was quoted as saying:

“It’s natural for me. Long before the word inclusion became a thing. I don’t want it to be just a Black film, but a high caliber piece of work that people don’t see that often. … We try to balance that as much as you can, to run a company where it’s not its entire identity but, at the same time it’s as an important silo and something that we care about.”


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The series launches in January 2019. Check out the trailer below!





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Warner Bros. Eyeing Muslim Actor for Role of Hawkman

? Rumor has it ?

? Rumor has it ?


Okay, I’ll stop quoting Adele – even though Rumor Has It is a great song – but according to  WeGotThisCovered and CosmicBook , DC and Warner Bros are looking for a Muslim actor to star as Hawkman:

Sources close to We Got This Covered can confirm that as has been rumored a few times now, WB is definitely developing a Hawkman movie and apparently, are eyeing a Muslim actor (who wasn’t named), between the age of 30-39, for the lead role. Furthermore, it’s said that Hawkgirl will feature as well, though no details on who may play her were disclosed.


Illustration of Hawkman arms outstretched in flight

This would be a great win for diversity in the comic book world, as well as for Hollywood over all!


For those who don’t read comic books (why don’t you? They have words and pictures! The best of both worlds!) Hawkman is a dude named Carter Hall. Introduced back in 1940, he’s an archaeologist who finds an ancient knife, and upon touching it, he realizes he is the reincarnation of Khufu, the Egyptian Prince which an evil priest named Hath-Set killed with that very knife.


Illustration of Hawkman- with the caption 'The Hawkman- Peril of the Night'

Well, that’s the Golden Age origin. He’s also got a second origin, which basically just adds to his first origin.

Basically Prince Khufu reincarnates himself using alien technology and becomes cursed to be reincarnated countless times – always finding the reincarnated love of his life before being killed by a reincarnated Hath-Set. Who knows how far they are going to dive into his origin?

In fact, who knows anything? Let’s face it: DC movie news is constantly in flux. Remember when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cast as Black Adam.


Dwayne The Rock Johnson looking to the left

For those of you who don’t know Dwayne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam since forever ago. Heck, back in August of 2018, Hiram Garcia, president of productions at Seven Bucks Productions, told Collider that, “…I pitched [the character] to Dwayne early on, and he loved the idea, and we’ve just kind of kept it in the back of our mind”.

So Dawyne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam – they just need a movie to put him in. Could this Hawkman movie be it? Or will it go the way of “Rumor has it Michael B Jordan might be Superman” and disappear from our consciousness, making this article obsolete?


Illustration of Black Adam

Let’s hope not.


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