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Weird and Wacky Game of Thrones Merchandise for Every Die-Hard Fan

Game Of Thrones is ending this year, and all the sadness we’ve endured over the years watching our beloved characters perish will be nothing compared to the realization that we won’t be able to see them again on the small screen.

But while our favorite knights and direwolves will leave us, their legacy will live on in some awesome and awkward merchandise.


WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead


1) Jon Snow USB Drive


Image Via Amazon


The King of the North will save us from the White Walkers, and he’ll also save you computer data from being erased. A Ghost version is also available along with several other characters.


2) Iron Throne Wall Decal

Image Via Amazon

Put it over your toilet and rule the porcelain throne. There are other places you can put it, but it looks so much better in the privy.


3) Hodor Door Stop

Image Via Amazon

A tragically hilarious collectible. Still too soon?


4) House Sigil Christmas Lights

Image Via Amazon

Raise your Christmas trees for House Stark. Adorn your tree with these beautiful lights with all of the house sigils on them.


5) Dragon Egg Candles

Image Via Amazon

A set of three candles, one for each dragon, to really make you feel like Targaryen royalty.


6) Cabernet Sauvignon

Image Via Wine.com

“Because that’s what I do. I drink, and I know things.” Also available in Chardonnay and a red blend.


7) Khal Drogo Thongs

image 0

Image Via Etsy



Available on Etsy, this questionable article of clothing also comes in a Daenerys version. Out of all the Khal/Dany couples merchandise out there, this one is definitely the strangest.


8) Sword Letter Opener

Image Via Amazon

Feel like a KingSlayer every time you open a letter with neat little letter opener. They’re very rare, so snatch one up quickly.


9) Adidas Sneakers

feature image

Image Via SneakerNews

These won’t be ready until Spring, but Adidas released images of six different shoes themed around the various houses.


Anything here suit your fancy?



Featured Image Via Nerdist

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This Diagon Alley LEGO Set Will Make Your Month

The holidays are a perfect time for Harry Potter fans to shop! New toys and deals have been announced for this coming holiday season, we at Bookstr are living for it! LEGO, Funko Pop and Loungefly are rolling out some new items that will get your potions bubbling!


LEGO is offering a superb deal, The Diagon Alley set will be free with a purchase of a second set. If you love their brick sets, you know how great they are and why you should get one. The Diagon Alley set is equipped withGringotts Bank, Flourish and Blotts, Quality Quiddich Supplies, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and Ollivander’s Wand shop. The set will be available for free with a $99 purchase from November 9th – 21st.



Image via The Leaky Cauldron

Image via The Leaky Cauldron



Funko Pop is releasing a new pop figure to add to your shelves! Hedwig spreads her wings and come backs to life in this new figure. The pop figure features Harry Potter and his beloved owl Hedwig moments before going through the wall at Kings Cross Station on Platform 9 ¾. And if you can’t get enough of Hedwig, Funko Pop is also promoting Loungefly’s new product that will feed your Potter fan soul.




Image via The Leaky Cauldron

Image via The Leaky Cauldron



Loungefly has announced its new BoxLunch exclusive, a Hedwig backpack! This snowy owl backpack is a must have for this holiday season. Both the Funko Pop and backpack will be available for purchase for November 3 and November 4 at the BoxLunch stores. Get your wizard and witchy friends this gear for this upcoming season, it’s a gift they will forever love you for!


Image via The Leaky Cauldron

Image via The Leaky Cauldron


Featured Image via Slash Film 

moonrise kingdom

15 Book-Themed Instagrams to Enrich Your Feed

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as you’re nearing the end of a really good book; that growing sense of excitement to see how it all unfolds, that thrill of feeling so deeply invested in a life other than your own, and that impending, dark-cloud feeling of “oh no, what will I do after?” knowing that your time with these characters is drawing to an end?


I think we grow so close to the characters in the books we read because it’s the only time we are truly invited to enter the world of someone other than ourselves; we see their inner monologue, their every word, thought, and emotion, everything they want to say but choose to keep inside. Books allow us to see people in all of their full, vulnerable humanness. And, when it’s time to say goodbye to the strangers we now know as well as we know ourselves, a sort of mourning begins to take place. It can be tough to leave the worlds we spend so much time in; fiction and all.


However, thanks to social media, the goodbye doesn’t have to be complete; now you can scroll through the photos of your favorite book worlds to your heart’s content! 


Check out these fifteen Instagram accounts dedicated to your favorite books and authors!


1. A Little Life @alittlelifebook



#bookfacefriday by @dyahayuni #alittlelifebook

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2. Pride & Prejudice @pandp2005




3. Harry Potter @thepottercollector




4. Stephen King @jobis89



I have an important task for you all……. please help me choose my next audiobook! ? . The 12 books pictured are the 12 possible contenders! They’re books I read back near the beginning of my King journey, and are the ones that I feel open to revisiting right now (in that my memory is patchy ?) . So if you want, pick TWO books from those pictured and I’ll do a quick tally tomorrow before I embark on my run. I’ll be able to download and start listening to the most popular choice right away ?? . Choose wisely, Constant Readers. And God have mercy on the evil people who choose The Stand… 47 hours long!!! ? . . . . . . . . #stephenking #audiobook #audible #bookcollage #bookcover #hardback #firstedition #readersareleaders #bibliophile #bookstagram #reading #igreads #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #booklove #lovebooks #bookish #bookaddict #read #fiction

A post shared by Johann ? Stephen King Nerd ? (@jobis89) on



5. Sylvia Plath @sylviaplathpoetry



(cr. @her_love_for_words ♡)

A post shared by Sylvia Plath (@sylviaplathpoetry) on



6. Agatha Christie @officialagathachristie




7. Paulo Coelho @paulocoelhoquote




8. Virginia Woolf @virginiawoolfblog



Virginia Woolf sitting on a beach in Greece in 1932. #virginiawoolf

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9. Jane Austen @janeofausten



…with your favourite Janeite teapot #jane #janeausten #janeausten #janeite #tea #teatime

A post shared by Jane Austen (@janeofausten) on



10. Edgar Allan Poe @edgar.allan.poe



Q: Why did Poe write such dark stories? • A: Poe wrote for magazines which demanded stories that would appeal to a mass audience, so he gave them what they wanted. In fact, he only wrote about fifteen horror stories out of a total of seventy tales. Poe actually produced far more comedies than terror tales. He also wrote science fiction, mysteries, adventure stories, scientific essays, and a book about seashells. Today’s readers tend to prefer his horror stories, but in Poe’s time, his audience liked the mysteries better. He last book of short stories, Tales of Edgar A. Poe (1845), only contained one horror story among a collection of mysteries and science fiction. Although he suffered bouts of depression after his wife’s death, Poe wasn’t a terribly morbid or melancholy person. • Mary Bronson, who, as a young girl, visited Poe with her father, later recalled, “We saw Mr. Poe walking in his yard, and most agreeably was I surprised to see a very handsome and elegant appearing gentleman, who welcomed us with a quiet, cordial, and graceful politeness that ill accorded with my imaginary sombre poet. I dare say I looked the surprise I felt, for I saw an amused look on his face as I raised my eyes a second time…” (LeDuc, Mary Elizabeth Bronson, “Recollections of Edgar A. Poe,” Home Journal, whole no. 754, July 21, 1860, p. 3) • #EdgarAllanPoe Photo by: @rebecca_ellix

A post shared by Edgar Allan Poe (@edgar.allan.poe) on



11. The Brontë Sisters @bronteforever



The Great American Read on PBS has started and they are featuring 100 of the most beloved books, and choosing one final winner. Please vote for the top one! Please go to @greatamericanreadpbs and click on the link in their bio to vote for either Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. I’m so glad both Bronte sisters were featured on this list of world renown novels. __________________________________________ #bronte #brontes #thebrontes #brontesisters #bronteforever #emilybronte #charlottebronte #annebronte #bookaddicts #epicreads #janeeyre #mustread #bookworm #booknerd #books #booklover #bookstagram #bookish #literature #instabook #igread #wutheringheights #victorian #classicnovels #brontësisters #greatreadpbs #readinggoals #votejaneeyre

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12. Charles Dickens @dickensmuseum




13. Alice in Wonderland @alice_in_wonderland_books




14. Haruki Murakami @harukimurakamiquotes




15. Infinite Jest @drawinginfinitejest





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out of print harry potter merch

As If Further Justification Were Needed, Buying Harry Potter Merch This Week Will Benefit Charity

It’s National Library Week, y’all. You know what that means? Apart from the fact that you should patronize your library more than ever, it means that Out of Print clothing and The Harry Potter Alliance are partnering for what Hello Giggles is reporting as their annual Accio Books campaign. This year, they’re sending thousands upon thousands of books to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico.


How can you help? Well, 10% of profits from Out of Print‘s sales of Harry Potter items during National Library Week will go towards the Accio Books campaign. 


Out of Print has an absolutely magical line of Harry Potter merch that is covetable to the extreme any week of the year, so why not take the opportunity to indulge yourself and help bring books to the children of Puerto Rico?


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


Get on this! 



Featured Image Via Birth.Movies.Death.

ship hogwarts fanart

Because Harry Potter Fans Are Getting Old, We Can Now Take a Potter-Themed Cruise

Hey everyone. Since it’s the twenty year anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter book (and the beginning of all of our actual lives), what better way to celebrate the fact that we are now all ancient than by taking a Harry Potter cruise? 


The cruise lasts for a week and is run by a luxury barge company called Barge Lady Cruises. Yeah, it’s not going to be on a cruise ship. It’ll be on a barge. So a little less like this: 



Image Via CruiseMapper


And a little more like this: 



Image Via ABCNews


The cruise will begin running this coming August, and will make stops at various Harry Potter locations such as Virginia Water, where Harry meets Buckbeak the Hippogriff for the first time, and Picket Post Close, the setting for Privet Drive, as well as Warner Bros. Studios in Watford, outside London.


Naturally, being old means you are also rich, and the price of $4,190 per person will mean little to you. 


harry potter gif coins

Via Odyssey




help me i'm poor bridesmaids gif giphy

Via Giphy


Featured Image by Olga Kuczer Via Tumblr