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15 Funny Memes for All The Teachers Out There!

It’s National Teacher’s Day! Today we celebrate all the hard work our teacher’s do every school year, from teaching kids, to tutoring them, to offering helping hands and advice, and much much more. As someone who was a student for many, many years, (and a teacher’s assistant for much, much less) I can give a good guess at what it was like for all the teachers I had to actually teach my classes. To all the great teachers I’ve had, I say “Thank you!!” for all the help and care you gave me. To make things a little more fun, here are fifteen funny teaching memes that represent teaching life.

We’ve also recommended the perfect books for you or the teacher in your life!


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1. when you’re waiting for your rowdy class to just be quiet so you can continue teaching



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2. when another student asks a similar question that you just answered



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3. when you want to move two students around but then it messes up your precise seating arrangements



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4. and when you find out that that one student you moved just talks to everyone



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5. when you just need your coffee and students constantly ask why you’re always drinking it


A memoir all teachers can relate to:

I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High



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6. when you’ve gotten too comfortable with summer break



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7. your students when they find out what your first name is



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8. when you have to haul home like 100+ papers to grade



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9. when you’re grading students’ papers


For when the stress of grading gets too much:

This Teacher Needs a Mother F*cking Beer: A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults: A Funny Adult Coloring Book for Teachers, Professors & Teaching … for Stress Relief, Relaxation & Color Therapy



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10. what you tell your students on the first day of class



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11. your transformation over the school year



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12. what a student tells you when they’re caught talking

If you want to see even more things that students say to their teachers:

I Did My Homework In My Head



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13. no response


For a giggle at the papers other teachers have had to correct:

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers



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14. truth



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15. and finally: when it’s the last day of school and realize you probably won’t see them anymore

This book will probably make you cry because you miss that one amazing student that was super sweet:

a letter to my teacher


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Five Chaotic “Midsummer Night’s Dream” Memes

Is anyone else going a little stircrazy? Sure, it might be tempting to flee to the woods with your forbidden fiance, but we probably shouldn’t. Live through these memes instead.


She’s Not Wrong

Image via Tumblr

I slept on Hermia for a long time, and I couldn’t regret that more. Listen. She and Lysander are in love, and she thinks he’s a perfectly appropriate suitor. So what does she do? Tells her father if he wants her to marry Demetrius that much he might just have to have her executed. Says the same to the king. Oh, I’ve gotta do what my dad says or die? I guess I’ll die. This woman is not daunted by anything. How many of us have wanted to flee into the woods and leave society behind? Hermia lives her truth.


Loyalty is a Virtue?

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I mean yeah, obviously I want Helena to have a lot more self worth. She tells Demetrius about his last chance to marry someone else. Even if you want to get on someone’s good side, that is an apocalyptically self sabotaging decision. And like, yeah, he treats her really badly. He should definitely break his ankle in the forest and never be found. Words can’t convey my disdain. But I kinda respect Helena, in a weird way. She may not be as lucky as Hermia, but she’s just as determinedly loyal.


Sometimes the Forest is Just Like That

Image via Tumbral

So you’re Hermia. You’ve been told, on pain of death, to marry this obsessed jerk. You and bae are running off to elope. You kind of can’t get dudes to leave you alone. Suddenly you wake up in the middle of nowhere, and everyone, including your fiance, is in love with your best friend. Kinda sounds like highschool? They’re in the forest, though, and Helena’s not exactly happy either. Everyone’s lost their minds, and somehow this is your fault? Not the best long weekend ever, that’s all I’m saying.


Great Plan

Image via Tumblr

I can’t help feeling that Oberon kind of should have seen this coming. Think about it, even if you think there’s only one couple in the forest. This poor girl’s love doesn’t care about her. Let’s fix it. Do something nice. Who am I going to get to do this for me? The most chaotic creature in existence? Of course! What could go wrong! This is honestly equivalent to you wanting your friends to get together and deputizing your cat.


Sounds Fake But Okay

Image via Tumblr

So you’re Helena. Your best friend is bailing to be with her true love. But the man you love loves her. So you betray her like, a little bit (okay, a lot). The man you love, who’s treated you like human garbage up until now, suddenly professes his undying love. You’re understandably suspicious. Then, boom! Here’s your friend’s fiance. You can count on him for some sense. Nope, he claims to love you too. She knows you betrayed her. Why wouldn’t she want vengeance?


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Anna Karenina Trainwreck

Hilariously Honest Book Titles (Part One)

So we stumbled upon this internet gem and felt the need to spread the love and then some.


summer of third wheeling

Image via The Meta Picture


YouTube has Honest Trailers. Bookstr now has Honest Book Titles. Some are from the internet, and some of them are our creative brain-children. Street cred is provided.

(The following jokes do not reflect the views of Bookstr or its staff members. We just happen to find them hilarious. Viewer Discretion is Advised.)


1. Moby Dick

Man Gets KO’d by Whale

Moby Dick


2. The Iliad

Brad Pitt as Achilles Makes Me Question My Sexuality

The Iliad


3. The Odyssey

Karma Is a B*tch

The Odyssey


4. Romeo and Juliet

The Only Way to Get Laid at 15 Is to Get Married

Romeo and Juliet


5. The Hobbit

You Know What They Say About Guys With Big Feet

The Hobbit


6. Anna Karenina


Anna Karenina


7. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Do Not Sell Your Family for Turkish Delight



8. The Scarlet Letter

Be Gone, Thot

The Scarlet Letter



Stay tuned for Part Two.


Featured Image via The Meta Picture; Adjusted Covers via Masako Fukuchi; Man Gets KO’d by Whale (Masako),
Do Not Sell Your Family for Turkish Delight (Laura-Blaise)

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